XBasic BASIC Languages Programming

The first implementation of XBasic was developed in 1988 for the Motorola 88000 RISC CPU and UNIX. XBasic was also ported to SCO and ESIX UNIX. Finally, XBasic was ported to Linux in 1995.

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  • XBasic Language by Max Reason - A primary site for information on the XBasic languages programming language xbasic created by Max Reason. XBasic is languages Free and made available xbasic as open-source software.
  • XBasic - Official site of the free and open-source language. The development languages kit includes a compiler, linker, and PDE.
  • XBasic Support - Provides news, source code, tutorials, and programming tips xbasic for XBasic programmers.
  • XBLite - A Windows version of the XBasic language program compiler. [Open-source, LGPL].
  • XBasic Notes - By Ken Minogue to sharing valuable information, tips languages and tools for XBasic programmers. It includes information languages on using external DLLs and OpenGL with XBasic.
  • XBasic Yahoo Group - Mailing list for XBasic users.
  • XBasic Development Website - This site provides the most current version of the XBasic programming language.

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