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Yabasic in a NutshellPlaystation-Basic programs can be saved on memory cards for storage and swapping. This variant of Yabasic introduces colour and GUI-enhancements to the original language.

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Yabasic* - BASIC-derivative interpreter for Unix and Windows, with added looping and library capabilities. GPL. Contains documentation, FAQ, wiki and discussion board.

  • YabEdit 2000 - A freeware editor specifically designed for Yabasic syntax languages (Windows 95+, requires VB6).
  • YaBasic: The beginners choice - Introduction and very brief tutorial with short examples by Michael yabasic "Cup of Squirrels" Garwood.
  • YABasic Programs - Free code repository with a few programs for download.
  • Introduction to Yabasic - Michael B. Huffman\\'s lengthy tutorial. Single page basic with examples yabasic and tables.
  • Some Yabasic Programs - Hermang Mansilla\\'s free code repository, featuring standalone programs, languages libraries and experimental scalable fonts.

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