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The Rexx Language* - IBM's official Rexx site. With news, background, books, tutorials, documentation and links.

  • - Companion site to book about the language, with programming an annoated link collection.
  • bsf4rexx - Package for interaction between Rexx and Java using Bean Scripting programming Framework. Developed by Rony G. Flatscher.
  • Pigdog Journal: Laughable Technology - Yay for REXX! Column in a satirical online magazine.
  • Quercus Systems - Personal REXX for Windows 98/NT/3.1, OS/2 and DOS. programming REXXLIB extensions, papers, freeware collection and consultants list.
  • Rexx: Power Through Simplicity - Article by Howard Fosdick shows off several features of the Rexx programming language.
  • Writing CGI Scripts in REXX - Article from Web Techniques magazine.
  • RexxTags - Rexx Server Pages compiler for rapid prototyping of languages XML tags in Rexx. Requires Apache and Mod_Rexx. languages [Open surce, Common Public License]
  • ToUniteAmerica: The REXX Files - Mainframe programs examples, articles and links. By Gabriel programming F. Gargiulo, languages author of Rexx books.
  • RexxLA - The Rexx Language Association. With symposion information, ANSI languages standard and rexx large link collection. Archives available to languages members only.
  • REXX - Growing article, with links to many related topics. rexx [Wikipedia]

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