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See Also:
  • Andrei Zatsev - Collection of REXX programs. KEDIT macros, utilities for Object Rexx, personal pages WinRexx and BRexx. Also time/date subroutines.
  • Vasilis Vlachoudis - Developer of BREXX.
  • Eric Giguere - Rexx information. Last updated in 1996.
  • Mike Cowlishaw - Creator of REXX and NetRexx.
  • Michel Castelein - Author and instructor of mainframe-related courses (including a 3-day course about REXX).
  • Vladimír Zábrodský - Includes algorithm collection. Also articles on the language, personal pages arithmetic rexx operations and Rexx on AS/400.
  • Ian Collier - REXX/imc interpreter, introduction, news, links and related applications.
  • Simon Husin - Global Automation Co. - Freeware SQL database access for OS/2 and Windows NT.
  • Mark Hessling - Maintains Regina and other free Rexx-related software packages.
  • Bruce Hake - CGI on Windows NT web servers.
  • Sahananda'a REXX bits and bobs - Utililities and code snippets for REXX including calendar languages and folder languages browse classes for OODialog under Object languages REXX.

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