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See Also:
  • REXX/imc - Open source Rexx interpreter for Linux/Unix.
  • REXX/VSE - Product page, including support information and samples.
  • BREXX - Free interpreter for Unix, MSDOS, WinCE and Amiga. interpreters By Vassilis languages N. Vlachoudis.
  • CICS Rexx - Language and development environment.
  • uni-REXX - An ANSI standard implementation for UNIX systems. Free interpreters sample code languages library.
  • S/REXX - UNIX implementation from Benaroya. Graphical debugger available.
  • BeBRexx - BeOS port of BREXX.
  • Rexx Anywhere - Writing portable Rexx execs. By Dave Alcock.
  • r4 - Classic Rexx language interpreter for Windows, from Kilowatt Software.
  • KEXX - Dialect used in KEDIT (XEDIT-like editor). Summary by interpreters Rex Swain.

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