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See Also:
  • OS/2 Shareware BBS - REXX downloads.
  • Netlabs.org: Rexx/OS - Intended as a new incarnation of OS/2, being rexx completely realized languages using the REXX scripting language.
  • Perl OS2::REXX - Access to DLLs with REXX calling convention and REXX runtime.
  • REXX Tips & Tricks - About Rexx programming, mostly under OS/2. Converted from INF to languages HTML as of september 1998.
  • OS/2 REXX: From Bark to Byte - IBM Redbook describing OS/2 REXX and interfaces.
  • SRE-http - Web server written primarily in Rexx. Also several Rexx utilities os-2 related to directories, GIF, TrueType, MD5/MD4/SHA-1, rsync, GZIP, Blowfish, GDIFF os-2 and other.
  • LEO - REXX-related downloads.
  • Fernwood - OS/2 shareware repository, REXX section.
  • LogiSoft AR - RexxBOS, OS/2 Rexx library providing complete system interface.
  • SCOUG - Search results: Rexx. Lots of articles.
  • EDM/2 Magazine - Meta index, Rexx articles.

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