Clipper Languages Programming

provides a complete suite of tools for developing database programs with Clipper and Zachary, and includes the latest upgrade to Zachary.

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See Also:
  • HALLoGRAM - Programmer\\'s resource for 3rd-party add-ons. Tools are available languages for most languages programming and database languages, including Access, languages dBASE, Visual Basic, Delphi, languages FoxPro, Paradox, C/C++, Oracle, languages Clipper, and Visual Objects.
  • Extrasensory Software - Tools for Clipper programmers including Telepathy, Faxual II, clipper Mr. Edit, PS Error, Faxual.lib and BroPlus.
  • SuccessWare Index Driver for CA-Clipper - A fully compatible with Apollo for Windows Replaceable Database Driver. languages It introduced FoxPro tables, memos, and indexes to the world languages of CA-Clipper 5.0 developers. By Vista Software.
  • Systems Modelling Ltd. - Clipper legacy systems support, maintenance, upgrading. In Ireland
  • The Oasis Clipper Source - A Clipper Programmers Source Code Archive.
  • SQLExpress for Xbase++ - Links, downloads and articles for Xbase++ and Clipper languages developers. Also clipper the homepage of SQLExpress; an object-oriented languages library for Xbase++ that clipper provides easy connectivity to languages SQL and ODBC data sources.
  • Manos Greek Clipper Page - CLIPPER free software, emulators, links. Also Aegina programming Island page programming and picture gallery.
  • Clipper tool producers - Lists all known producers of CA-Clipper third party programming products, with languages address, phone, fax, email, web site.
  • Xb2.NET - An object-oriented Internet library for Xbase++. Includes classes programming for TCP/IP socket communications, HTTP, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, programming FTP. [Commercial]
  • Hello, World program - CA - Visual Objects
  • AD2 Toolkit for Clipper and Zachary Developers - provides a complete suite of tools for developing programming database programs clipper with Clipper and Zachary, and includes programming the latest upgrade to clipper Zachary.
  • The CA-Visual Objects Knowledge Base - Provides VO related information, news, links and help.
  • VGATEXT Tools for Clipper - lets you add special effects in TEXT mode clipper to any clipper clipper application.
  • Clipper Programming Solutions - CA-Clipper and XBase++ programming solutions.
  • Computer Associates: Clipper forum at Tek-Tips - Clipper technical support forums and mutual help system for computer clipper professionals.
  • Clipper versions information. - Version information for all CA and Nantucket Clipper versions.

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