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Programming method to ease the job of writing parallel programs for massively parallel computers by providing constructs to coordinate non-local memory accesses. Central is an operator specifying location of off-processor variables and an operator for agg

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See Also:
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran 2000 - Opinion essay on how object-orientation and genericity should be added languages to Fortran. By Werner W. Schulz.
  • Objexx - Fortran to C++ Conversion - Service to convert Fortran 77 to fully ANSI/ISO programming compliant C++ to preserve the value of the programming code and existing documentation.
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  • The Fortran Company - Site contains products, services, and general information related to the Fortran programming language. Offers products, services, training and freeware.
  • Fortran Forum - Addresses the Fortran language, its uses, profitability, standardization, programming further evolution, fortran and the implementation of Fortran compilers. programming Published three times a fortran year by the Association programming for Computing Machinery.
  • Handling Arithmetic Errors in Fortran 2000 - Article by Jeanne Adams discussing various aspects of languages the exception-handling languages technical report.
  • Fortran 90/95 Texts and Links - Tutorials, news, and links.
  • Introduction to Pfortran - Programming method to ease the job of writing languages parallel programs languages for massively parallel computers by providing languages constructs to coordinate non-local languages memory accesses. Central is languages an operator specifying location of off-processor languages variables and languages an operator for agg
  • Fortran Saga - Essay by Brian Meek describing how the Fortran programming 90 standard fortran was created.[PDF]
  • Is the Quality of Numerical Subroutine Code Improving? - Paper by Tim Hopkins, which can be downloaded in PostScript programming format.
  • Fortran Resources and Compilers - A list of Fortran links compiled by H. D. Knoble.
  • Fortranplus - Up-to-date information and resources on Fortran. Offers training languages courses and languages a consultancy service.
  • COMP-FORTRAN-90 - Fortran 90/95/2003 discussion group, with archived messages. Members of the programming Fortran standards committee and other experts participate.
  • Linux Fortran Information Page - Information about running Fortran codes under Linux, by fortran Jeff Templon. Describes and compares the available compilers.
  • High Performance Computing Projects - Distributed computing in background, courses, links; at Liverpool University.
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  • Fortran Friends - Self-help group of RISCOS users who use Fortran, languages mainly for fortran scientific applications.
  • Fortran Wiki - An open venue for documenting and discussing all programming aspects of fortran the Fortran programming language and scientific programming computing. Includes source code, fortran tools, discussion, news, and programming an FAQ.
  • Met Office: Fortran 90 Standards - Guidelines for writing portable and maintainable code.
  • Implementation of Object-Oriented Design With Fortran - By J. Qiang, R. Ryne, and S. Habib languages R. Ryne.[PDF]
  • High Performance Computing: UCLA Plasma Simulation Group - Links to papers on Object-Oriented Programming in Fortran languages 90, Optimization programming techniques for┬áRISC processors, Parallel Particle-in-Cell Codes, languages Parallel Computing Tutorial, and programming Modernization of Fortran Legacy languages Codes.
  • Fortran - My Tech Blog - A ebooks link collection on various aspects of fortran Fortran including fortran mixed language and parallel programming.
  • Cloudy's Journey from FORTRAN to C, Why and How - Article describing why the Cloudy astronomy program was languages converted from Fortran to C.
  • Co-Array Fortran - Small extension to Fortran 95 providing an explicit notation for fortran data decomposition, such as that often used in message-passing models.
  • Fortran, at Home on Linux - Article by Cameron Laird on porting old mainframe Fortran programs languages to Linux. [IBM Server Clinic]
  • Task Parallelism and Fortran - Describes the High Performance Fortran / Message Passage languages Interface and programming Fortran-M projects.
  • Petition to Retire Fortran - Online petition to retire Fortran, with ten reasons fortran given. Has FAQ and rebuttal by Van Snyder.
  • The FORTRAN Builders - Sketches of the early FORTRAN programmers.
  • Object-Oriented Fortran 90 - Summarizes much of the current work in OO programming programming using languages Fortran 90 on scalar workstations and programming distributed-memory supercomputers.
  • Fortran Resources - List of resources by Clive Page.
  • Fortran Library - Site to find full information related to the languages fortran programming programming language. Tutorials, compilers, and free software.

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