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Fortran 77 codes for large systems of linear equations, systems of nonlinear equations, nonlinear least squares, ordinary differential equations, and quadrature.

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  • F90VB - Enables Fortran programs to access COM/ActiveX objects and call Visual languages Basic DLLs. Enables creation of Fortran DLLs that handle intrinsic languages Visual Basic data types. Includes TLView, a Type Library browser.
  • SLICOT - Subroutine library providing Fortran 77 implementations of numerical libraries algorithms for fortran computations in systems and control theory. libraries Based on numerical linear fortran algebra routines from BLAS libraries and LAPACK libraries, it provides methods fortran for the libraries design and analysis of c
  • DAEPAK - A subroutines for solving some types of algebraically explicit differential algebraic equations.
  • Boeing Mathematics and Information Software - Algorithms for solving large linear systems, optimal control languages problems, and other topics.
  • GinoMenu - Interactive GUI builder and Fortran subroutine toolkit for libraries developing GUI applications under Windows.
  • Winteracter - Multi-platform user interface and graphics subroutine library for languages Fortran 77/9x developers.
  • MINPACK - A free, portable library for solving nonlinear systems libraries of equations and nonlinear least squares problems.
  • Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) - Libraries, compilers, tools, information, software for statistics, visualization, libraries symbolic calculation, languages simulation.
  • CMLIB - A Fortran 77 library.
  • BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) - A high quality "building block" routines for performing basic vector and matrix operations. Level 1 BLAS do vector-vector operations, Level 2 BLAS do matrix-vector operations, and Level 3 BLAS do matrix-matrix operations.
  • DSP Library - Digital signal processing programs written in Fortran. It languages includes subroutines libraries for FIR and IIR filter design, languages FFT routines, and various libraries other programs for signal languages processing.
  • ITPACK - A packages for solving large sparse linear systems libraries by iterative libraries methods.
  • AMD Core Math Library (ACML) - Download the library which incorporates BLAS, LAPACK and languages FFT routines.
  • Intel Math Kernel Library - Set of optimized, thread-safe mathematical functions for engineering, languages scientific and financial applications requiring high performance. The languages functional areas of the library include the BLAS languages and LAPACK Libraries, Discrete Fourier Transforms, languages Vector Math L
  • Ezconsole - Set of simple procedures by Gary Scott for languages interfacing with the console window on Windows from languages Fortran.
  • Pilib - Platform-independent library under development for Fortran 90/95 to create GUIs, libraries do file I/O.
  • FGSL: A Fortran interface to the GNU Scientific Library - Portable, object-based Fortran interface to the GNU scientific languages library, a collection of numerical routines for scientific languages computing. The package is licensed under the GPL.
  • Transient Energy System Simulation Tool - Fortran program to simulate the transient performance of thermal energy libraries systems.
  • IMSL - A mathematical and statistical library produced by Visual Numerics.
  • ODEPACK - A collection of Fortran solvers for the initial libraries value languages problem for ordinary differential equation systems.
  • SCILIB - A portable FORTRAN emulation of CRAY SCILIB.
  • SLATEC - A software library containing over 1400 general purpose mathematical and fortran statistical routines written in Fortran 77.
  • NCAR's Mathematical and Statistical Libraries - Source code and documentation for libraries in the areas of languages geophysical science, Fast Fourier Transforms, separable elliptic PDEs, interpolation, Legendre languages polynomials, spherical harmonics, general mathematics, eigensystem solvers, linear equation solvers,
  • CodeLib - Fortran 77 codes for large systems of linear libraries equations, systems of nonlinear equations, nonlinear least squares, libraries ordinary differential equations, and quadrature.
  • Math a la Carte - Collections of mathematical software in Fortan and C. languages Software is free for some uses and languages can be purchased for others. Much of the languages software was developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • FLIBS - A collection of Fortran modules - Fortran modules by Arjen Markus to interface with fortran C libraries, manipulate strings, write CSV files, manipulate fortran file and directory names, implement abstract data types fortran and structures, do automatic differentiation, and perform other fortran tasks.
  • Ngmath - Collection of interpolators and approximators for one-dimensional, two-dimensional, fortran and three-dimensional data, callable from Fortran and C.
  • F90SQL - Enables Fortran programs to read or write data directly from fortran or into any format that has a Windows Open Database fortran Connectivity (ODBC) driver.
  • Daepack - Library for combined symbolic/numeric analysis of Fortran models, languages including sparsity languages pattern generation, discontinuity locking, and automatic languages differentiation.
  • GQOPT - Fortran package by Richard Quandt for numerical optimization fortran and numerous libraries other statistical and utility routines. It fortran is available for a libraries number of platforms, such fortran as IBM mainframes, Vax computers, CRAY libraries supercomputers, IBM-compatible fortran PCs, and Sun, DEC, and
  • RealWin - Library for writing Windows applications in Fortran.
  • FoX - Fortran library to facilitate XML input and output.
  • Microglyph Systems - SciComm serial communications library, SciPlot scientific plotting languages graphics library, languages SciSnet sockets network communication library. languages Compatible with Fortran and languages C compilers.
  • HSL - Codes for large-scale scientific computation.
  • A Fortran 90 Numerical Library (AFNL) - Set of MODULES by Alberto Ramos containing definitions languages of Fourier libraries series and polynomials and able to languages perform linear (multi-)dimensional fittings, libraries compute integrals, sort data, languages compute roots of functions, and perform libraries other numerical languages tasks.
  • Xeffort - Free, open-source library for building GUI applications in languages all flavors fortran of Visual Fortran. Site has other languages Fortran resources and samples.
  • SEPlib - Stanford Exploration Project library, containing basic seismic data languages processing routines such as phase shift migration and languages velocity stacking. Includes documentation, source code, and binary languages packages for Mac OS X and Cygwin.

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