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Incremental compiler and interpreter with interactive Windows graphical user interface designed for immediate results during development of technical or scientific applications. [Shareware, but freeware for shorter scripts]

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  • Fortran Compiler Comparisons - Describes the extensions supported by Fortran compilers, their languages diagnostic capabilities, third party support, and execution time languages for Fortran 77 and 90 programs.
  • MT1: A Sparse Compiler - A special kind of source-to-source restructuring Fortran compiler fortran that can automatically transform a dense program (in fortran which all operations on matrices are simply implemented fortran using two-dimensional arrays) into a semantically equivalent sparse fortran program (ope
  • NAGWare - Fortran 95 compiler with 2003 features for Linux, Windows, and compilers Unix on many platforms.
  • BC Fortran - MS-DOS 16-bit Fortran 77 compiler/linker/debugger.
  • Fortran 66 compiler - For MS-DOS, distributed by Dynacomp Software.
  • NEC - Describes 32 and 64-bit Fortran 90 compilers for fortran NEC and IBM PC hardware.
  • Silverfrost - Fortran 95 compiler for Win32 and Microsoft .NET. The personal compilers edition is free for non-commercial use.
  • Open Watcom - Fortran 77, C, and C++ compilers for Win32, compilers Win16, DOS, fortran and OS/2. [Freeware, open source]
  • A Portable Fortran 77 Compiler - Description of the construction of a portable compiler, by S. I. Feldman and P. J. Weinberger.
  • Open64 - Suite of optimizing compiler development tools for Intel Itanium(TM) systems compilers running Linux. The Open64 project is the continuation of the compilers SGI Pro64(TM) compiler suite which was released under the GNU compilers General Public License (GPL). The Open64 compiler sui
  • Lahey Computer Systems - Fortran 95/90 and C++ compilers for Linux, Windows languages Windows.NET, and fortran SPARC Solaris. Also sells Essential Lahey languages Fortran subset compiler for fortran Windows and graphics and languages user interface tools and libraries.
  • HicEst - Incremental compiler and interpreter with interactive Windows graphical languages user interface fortran designed for immediate results during development languages of technical or scientific fortran applications. [Shareware, but freeware languages for shorter scripts]
  • Microsoft Fortran Versions - Detailed information, including photos.
  • Green Hills - Fortran 77 Compilers conform fully to ANSI X3.9-1978 languages Standard FORTRAN compilers 77 (Full Language) and FIPS PUB languages 069-1, and adds the compilers DOD MIL-STD 1753 Fortran languages extensions and selected VAX/VMS FORTRAN extensions. compilers Supported processors languages include 68K, MIPS, x86, SPARC, and
  • PathScale - Fortran 95, C, and C++ compilers for Linux compilers on AMD Opteron and Intel 64-bit and 32-bit compilers x86 CPUs.
  • Apogee - Fortran 90, C, and C++ for SPARC Solaris.
  • Intel - Fortran 95 and C++ compilers for Linux and compilers Windows.
  • Absoft Pro Fortran - Fortran 95/90/77 and C/C++ compilers for Windows, Mac OS 9 compilers and OS X, Linux IA32 and AMD Opteron and AMD compilers Athlon 64-bit processors. Resells IBM XL Fortran compiler for Mac compilers OS X. Offers VAST parallelization and vectorization tools.
  • Sun Studio C/C++/Fortran Compilers - Resources for software developers using C, C++, or compilers Fortran 95.
  • IBM Fortran Compilers - Fortran 95 compilers for AIX, Mac OS X, fortran and Linux compilers on IBM iSeries and pSeries platforms. fortran Fortran 77 compiler for compilers IBM mainframes.
  • F - Subset Fortran 95 compiler, keeping only the modern features. The compiler is freely available on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Portland Group - Fortran 95, C and C++ Compilers for 32-bit and 64-bit fortran AMD64 and IA32 processor-based Linux and Windows systems.
  • Free Fortran Compilers and Interpreters - Links to free compilers and interpreters, mostly Fortran compilers 77.

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