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  • GNU Fortran 95 - Ongoing project to develop a Fortran 95 compiler compilers front end, fortran as well as runtime libraries, for compilers the GNU Compiler Collection fortran (GCC).
  • VFort - Windows IDE for g77, with pre-compiled SLATEC and DISLIN libraries, by Nikoly and Petr Vabishchevich.
  • G95 - Ongoing project to create a free, open source Fortran 95 compilers compiler and runtime libraries. Almost all of Fortran 95 is compilers supported. Compiler binaries for Linux, Unix, OS X, and Windows compilers available.
  • GOMP - Project to implement Open MP for the C, C++, and compilers Fortran compilers in GCC.
  • GFortranBinaries - GCC Wiki - Has links to compiler binaries for Gfortran (GNU Fortran) for gcc front ends Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux.
  • GNU Fortran for OS/2, DOS and Win32 - Port of GNU Fortran (g77-0.5.23) for EMX (OS/2 gcc front ends gcc front ends and DOS) and RSX (Win32 console-apps, DOS-DPMI).
  • G77 - Mingw binaries for Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT4/2000/XP.

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