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Includes suite of Fortran 95 tests that exercise all portions of the language. It consists of more than 400,000 lines of Fortran 95 code. In addition, test generators produce and execute ten million lines of Fortran 95 program statements. In addition to t

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  • SPIRAL Project - Automatically generates platform-tuned implementations in C or Fortran languages of signal languages processing transform such as the discrete languages Fourier transform, and discrete languages cosine transform.
  • Bfort - Generates a Fortran-callable wrapper for routines written in fortran C, using only a small, structured comment and fortran the declaration of the routine in C. This fortran tool has been used on two large software fortran packages, PETSc and the MPICH implementation of MPI.
  • F90tohtml - Perl script that converts Fortran source code into fortran HTML. All the subprogram calls are linked, both fortran forward and backwards. A clickable calling tree is fortran constructed. A subject index can be made from fortran a user-supplied hash. A search engine, based on fortran regular exp
  • Fpx3 - Fortran preprocessor by Jörg Behrens with embedded Perl to simplify Fortran source code development with an integrated set of macros, directives and embedded Perl/Fortran.
  • fUnit: Fortran Unit Testing - Unit testing framework for Fortran modules. Unit tests languages are written tools in Fortran fragments that use a languages small set of testing-specific tools keywords and functions. FUnit languages transforms these fragments into valid Fortran tools code and languages compiles, links, and runs them against th
  • Visual Fortran Tool (VFTool) - Add-on program to enhance the interface of the languages Visual Fortran tools IDE.
  • Ftnchek.el - Enhancement to Emacs Fortran mode, including ftnchek support, by Judah Milgram.
  • Avoiding the Unnecessary Recompilation of Fortran 90 Modules - A paper by Daniel Grimwood with Perl scripts.
  • Extended Fortran Types (XFT) Library - Set of modules by Jugoslav Dujic which wrap some of languages Win32 functionality most used for building GUIs. It is distributed languages as free, open source resource. Currently, XFT is available languages only for the Compaq/Intel Visual Fortran compiler since it partially languages depends
  • SNG - Portable Fortran 90/95/2003 command line parser and string tools manipulation library, tools comprising subroutines for parsing GNU/POSIX-style long tools command-line options as in tools the GNU getopt_long() package.
  • Fortranposix - Implements some POSIX functions in Fortran 90/95.
  • Chasm: Language Interoperability Tools - Tool to improve C++ and Fortran 90 interoperability. fortran Chasm parses tools Fortran 90 source code and automatically fortran generates C++ bridging code tools that can be used fortran in C++ programs to make calls tools to Fortran fortran routines. It also automatically generates C structs that tools fortran provi
  • Fortran Integrated Tool Set (FITS) Project - Will create an integrated toolset for the development, tools maintenance and languages migration of Fortran applications for execution tools on a variety of languages HPC systems. FITS may tools be used to create and tune languages parallel Fortran tools 90 applications using MPI or HPF, with original languages tools featur
  • Fortran Unit Test Framework (FRUIT) - Written in Fortran 95. Has assertion, fixture, setup, teardown, report, tools spec generation, driver generation.
  • Winteracter - GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. languages It consists tools of various visual development tools and languages a substantial subroutine library. tools Versions are available for languages most Fortran 9x compilers.
  • Intel VTune Performance Analyzer - Time- and Event-Based, System-Wide Sampling estimates the actual languages performance of tools software with negligible overhead. Call languages graph profiling displays program tools flow to quickly identify languages critical functions and call sequences. Counter tools monitor allows languages the tracking o
  • Free Fortran Library to Read and Write gzipped Files - By John Donners.
  • CADNA - Library for estimating the round-off error propagation on every scientific tools code written in Fortran or C.
  • F90doc - Perl program by Erik Demaine that generates pages languages of HTML fortran documentation from Fortran 90 source.
  • Ratfor - Description of Ratfor, a Fortran preprocessor, by its tools author, Brian W. Kernighan.
  • Foray - Build tool designed specifically for Fortran projects. It natively handles tools Fortran dependencies, takes care of locating files in subdirectories, and tools includes advanced features like multi-threading for better performance on multi-core tools systems, and multiple
  • g95-xml - Parser for fortran source code. Output is in languages XML format. fortran The parser is based on the languages g95 parser. Additional tools fortran in Perl are provided languages to browse Fortran source, and interfacing fortran Fortran and languages Perl PDL.
  • Yapakit - Source code editor and integrated development environment for Fortran for languages Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Forpedo - Preprocessor by Drew McCormack for Fortran 90 code, tools written in Python. Handles typical preprocessing tasks, such tools as includes, but designed primarily to provide C++-like tools generics (templates).
  • Perl scripts for Fortran - Scripts by Kate Hedstrom to add continue and enddo statements, indent code, put labels in order, replace enddo with continue, convert from fixed to free source form, add space around if statements, and create make files.
  • Fortran 95 Function Parser - Parses mathematical expressions provided as strings at runtime, languages which can then be evaluated for a large languages number of variable values.
  • TITech Data Compression Library for Large Scale Data - Program with Fortran 90 and C interface for compressing scientific data.
  • F77reorder - Fortran 77 filter by Wolfgang Wander which solves tools some compatibility tools problems of the f2c Fortran to tools C translator and other tools F77-extended-standard compilers.
  • Polaris - The Polaris compiler takes a Fortran 77 program tools as input, transforms this program so that it tools runs efficiently on a parallel computer, and outputs tools this program version in one of several possible tools parallel Fortran dialects.
  • TCBuild - A build tool for Fortran 90+ written in Python that tools handles module dependencies. Background, design philosophy, installation and configuration instructions.
  • Makedepf90 - Program by Erik Edelmann for automatic creation of makefile dependency lists for Fortran source code. Supports modules and various include directives.
  • PRecision Estimation and Control In Scientific and Engineering computing (PRECISE) - Set of tools provided to help the user languages set up tools computer experiments to explore the impact languages of finite precision on tools the quality of convergence languages of numerical methods. Because stability is tools at the languages heart of the phenomenon under study -- mathematical tools languages as well as num
  • MPI-CHECK - Tool developed to aid in the debugging of tools MPI programs fortran that are written in free or tools fixed format Fortran 90 fortran and Fortran 77. Provides tools automatic compile-time and run-time checking of fortran MPI programs.
  • F77tof90 - Sed and perl scripts by Layne T. Watson languages to correct obsolete and unsupported Fortran constructs for languages use with standard Fortran 90.
  • U_F95_TS Fortran 95 Test Suite - Includes suite of Fortran 95 tests that exercise all portions of the language. It consists of more than 400,000 lines of Fortran 95 code. In addition, test generators produce and execute ten million lines of Fortran 95 program statements. In addition to t
  • PIPS: Automatic Parallelizer - Free, open and extensible workbench for automatically analyzing languages and transforming scientific and signal processing applications. The languages PIPS workbench is especially relevant for people interested languages in whole program compilation, reverse-engineering, program veri
  • Makemake - Perl script by Michael Wester that generates a languages Makefile from tools the sources in the current directory. languages The source files may tools be in either C, languages Fortran 77, Fortran 90 or some tools combination of languages these languages. If the F90 compiler specified is tools languages cray or parasoft, then
  • SDX Modeling and Simulation Software - Modeling and simulation environment providing the computational facilities necessary for languages high-performance numeric solution of technical problems. Compatible with Compaq Visual, languages Lahey, Microsoft, and Watcom Fortran compilers.
  • - MTASK is a parallel programming language for memory-sharing environments. LAIPE languages (Link And In Parallel Execute) is a high-performance package for languages scientific and engineering computing, programmed in MTASK.
  • FortUnit - Set of Fortran 90/95 unit testing tools. It tools includes perl languages scripts to aid in controlling testing tools and makefile creation and languages a Fortran 90/95 assertion tools library. It is intended to be languages easily and tools transparently applied to new or legacy applications.
  • KFWin - Fortan Windows Programming - Compatible with Microsoft Fortran Powerstation 4, developed by fortran KORF software.
  • Objexx Fortran Toolkit (ObjexxFTK) - Unit testing framework, assertion support, and array, string, fortran and other languages function collections to support modern Fortran fortran development.
  • VAC PreProcessor (VACPP) - Preprocessor which converts dimension independent notation into Fortran tools 90. VACPP fortran is a specialized implementation of the tools general LASY Preprocessor, described fortran in a paper at tools .
  • Cobalt Blue, Inc. - Provide software tools including For_Study (Fortran Static Analyzer), tools For_Struct (Fortran fortran Restructurer), and For_C (Fortran to C tools conversion software). Also fortran offers Fortran consulting and tools code customization services.
  • GNU libmatheval - Library for evaluating mathematical expressions, with C and tools Fortran 77 fortran interfaces.
  • F95totex - Special-case pretty-printer for Fortran, by Brooks Moses. Converts free-form-source Fortran files to .tex files, which can then be processed into viewable and printable files with LaTeX.

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