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Jovial is a block-structured procedural language derived from early versions of Algol. It provided Algol-like data types and syntax, with structural extensions for large-scale software engineering and for real-time systems. Jovial is standardized. The original 1973 specification was US MIL-STD-1589, and the most recent 1984 edition of the language standard is MIL-STD-1589C.

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  • Semantic Designs: JOVIAL2C Translator - Converts source code written in JOVIAL to functionally programming equivalent source jovial code in C taking advantage of programming some GNU 3.0 extensions jovial of C. Examples of programming source code translation.
  • Software Engineering Associates (SEA) - Develops and maintains multi-host/multi-target JOVIAL language translators and programming support environment jovial tools. Compilers currently include Intel/WinX, programming UNIX, Sun/SPARC, PowerPC, MAC/OSx, jovial 1750A.
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