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TUNES is a recursive acronym meaning: Tunes is a Useful, Nevertheless Expedient System. It may be the only operating system (OS), or open source project, with a 100% pure HTML virtual reflective logo. Truly astonishing. The main and great strength of the TUNES project is that it is a large, accurate, and fascinating, resource for learning about programming languages and OSs. This is embodied in several large TUNES subprojects that review programming languages and OSs, and a large body of very civilized debate on these and related topics. Also fascinating, and worth studying on their own merits, and as an open source phenomenon, are that several no-code, open source OS projects have allied themselves with the TUNES effort, forming an even larger and more useful body of information.

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TUNES Project* - Open source resource for learning about programming languages and operating systems. Led by French OS philosopher Fare'. Some 2,000 links.

  • UniOS: A Concept OS - Merging with TUNES. Some useful ideas with very clear, well language-os hybrids written explanations, and links. No code.
  • LispOS Project - Goal: reflective OS based on LISP. Mostly merged with TUNES. language-os hybrids No code, but many ideas politely presented in a fascinating language-os hybrids archived mail list. Mail list archives.

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