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Makes Khoros/Cantata visual dataflow programming language: rapid prototyping and cradle-to-grave software development, in a high productivity, integrated software systems environment.

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See Also:
  • Agilent VEE - Data-flow language, and open graphical programming environment, for languages iterative tests, measurement analysis, presenting results; optimized to languages use with data acquisition devices (digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes), languages and source devices (arbitrary waveform gener
  • Subtext: Alarming Development - Weblog for Subtext language. Polite discussion and debate on new visual programming models to simplify application programming.
  • Lily - Browser-based cross-platform, visual dataflow programming environment, coded in programming JavaScript, allows making programs graphically, without writing code, programming by drawing links between data, images, sounds, text, programming graphics. Open source.
  • Visual Language Desk, VLDesk - Potent tool to automatically generate Visual Programming Environments, the reworked visual version of Visual Language Compiler-Compiler, VLCC. Description, download, publications.
  • Petri Nets World - Petri Nets is a formal and graphical appealing language which programming is appropriate for modelling systems with concurrency.
  • Opsis - Java applet for teaching binary search tree algorithms. It is visual unique in the way it combines programming, proof, and animation visual to enhance the learning experience. SourceForge. Open source, GPL.
  • Peter - A visual programming tool designated for easy and quick creation programming of applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. By Gemtree Software.
  • Visual Language Research Bibliography - Large, well structured bibliography of papers on visual language research, languages also has brief list of links to other visual language languages related research resources.
  • Cycling '74 - Sells Max/MSP and Jitter, a family of interactive visual graphical dataflow languages programming environments for audio, video, and visual graphical processing.
  • Visual Languages for Knowledge Representation - Study of visual languages, mainly concept map-based languages; programming multiple representations. Broader interest than programming only. Many programming references.
  • Visual Programming Languages: A Survey - Paper by Marat Boshernitsan with historical overview of some pioneering languages efforts in the field.
  • Libero - By iMatix Corp. Write top-level logic as readable visual state diagram programming and click. Libero generates: Assembler, C, visual C++, Java, VB, Unix programming shells, Perl, Awk, PL/SQL, visual PHP, and COBOL. Template-based code generator programming can be visual altered for any environment. Portable, fast, fre
  • ExpressionFlow - Weblog on LabVIEW and visual object-oriented programming.
  • Visual Programming Language - Brief, clear definition, explanation. [Wikipedia]
  • CODE - Visual parallel programming system, composes sequential programs into parallel programs visual for shared-memory multiprocessors and workstations running MPI or PVM.
  • Tersus Open Source Visual Programming Platform - Make web applications by drawing flow diagrams instead visual of writing languages code; based on AJAX, one language visual for user interface, client languages side behavior, server side visual processing; descriptions, documents, forum, downloads.
  • Subtext - Experimental language to simplify application programming, based on copying (copied programming blocks are first class prototypes), live executable text, programming by programming example, prototypes. Description, FAQ, OOPSLA research paper, no download yet.
  • Journal of Visual Languages and Computing - Bimonthly journal on promoting visual languages, and on languages their implications languages for computing.
  • Subtext Info Page - Email list for Subtext language, with archives, means visual to subscribe and unsubscribe.
  • CodeMorphis Synopsis - A visual programming tool quickly build software applications visual by dragging and dropping icons that represent software visual components. [Commercial]
  • Step Forward - A tool for developing information management and accounting systems using languages visual programming and high-level abstraction techniques.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ - From comp.lang.visual newsgroup.
  • Khoral Research, Inc.: KRI - Makes Khoros/Cantata visual dataflow programming language: rapid prototyping and cradle-to-grave programming software development, in a high productivity, integrated software systems environment.
  • SCIRun: A Scientific Programming Environment for Computational Steering - Framework where large computer simulations can be composed, visual executed, controlled, tuned interactively. Composing occurs via visual visual programming interface to a dataflow network. To execute visual programs, users specify parameters by graphical user interface visual rathe
  • Sanscript - Visual dataflow programming language and development environment. Lets you draw applications. Script any COM or OLE Automation server with Sanscript Pro.
  • VisiQuest - A scientific data and image analysis product that has its visual own Visual Programming Environment. VisiQuest was formerly known as Khoros visual Pro of Khoral research. By AccuSoft Corporation.
  • ResearchIndex: Viz: A Visualization Programming System - Describes design, implementation of high level visualization programming programming system, created from a need to support rapid programming visual prototyping in an environment that can be programming extended by abstractions in the application problem domain.
  • Longflow Enterprises Ltd. - Makes Limnor general purpose codeless programming platform and programming development environment, based on prebuilt components, object-oriented; supports programming functional programming, ActiveX, C#, .NET, Visual Basic. Needs programming Windows XP and above.
  • Visual Languages - a description of Visual Programming Languages by Daniel programming LaLiberte.

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