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A project to document the history of the FoxPro programming language by the worldwide FoxPro community. Timeline, articles, and screenshots.

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro* - Product information, technical information, samples and downloads, developer community information and product news and reviews.

  • Tek-Tips Forum: Microsoft: Visual FoxPro v3.0+ - Technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Forbids selling, recruiting.
  • : FoxPro - A starting place for exploring FoxPro programming, from Guide.
  • - News, announcements, and links for the Visual FoxPro programming developer community.
  • Object-Oriented Language & Development Environment: Visual Foxpro - Richard Katz's Visual FoxPro links on Cetus Links.
  • The History of FoxPro - A project to document the history of the visual foxpro FoxPro programming language by the worldwide FoxPro community. visual foxpro Timeline, articles, and screenshots.
  • FoxTools.Com - Visual FoxPro tools and utilities, articles.
  • - Dedicated to the adoption of technology in addition visual foxpro to visual foxpro Visual FoxPro, in particular, Visual Studio and visual foxpro SQL Server. visual foxpro Articles, blogs, training offered, and visual foxpro links.
  • Using Win32 (WinAPI) functions in Visual FoxPro - The Microsoft Win32 functions extends Visual FoxPro capability. This online languages reference contains descriptions of several hundred Win32 functions and many languages examples.
  • Southwest Fox - A developer conference dedicated to Visual FoxPro in languages Tempe, Arizona, programming United States.
  • Visual Foxpro - Answers for IT professionals. Articles.
  • OzFox - Visual FoxPro conference held in Australia.
  • Recital Corporation - FoxPro for Linux and Java-enable. Accessing FoxPro data languages from Java servlets.
  • FoxPro Summary - Summarizes from the basics of FoxPro, functions, database visual foxpro programming.
  • Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro - A news and resource site. A bug-warning page to keep prorammers updated with FoxPro issues.
  • The FoxShow - VFP news and interviews by Andrew MacNeill.
  • Foxite - Provides a variety of Visual FoxPro related links, languages downloads, articles, discussion forums and answers to Frequently languages Asked Questions.
  • Wiki for Visual Foxpro - Open content Web site for Microsoft Visual FoxPro database development.
  • Foxstuff - Advice, tips, techniques and downloads for programmers, by the VFP programming training company Mike Lewis Consultants Ltd.
  • Tek-Tips Forum: Microsoft: Visual FoxPro v1-2.6 - Technical support forums and mutual help system for languages computer professionals. languages Forbids selling, recruiting.
  • Craig Bailey's thoughts - A collection of thoughts, articles, screencasts and links about Visual programming FoxPro.
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  • SPS Weblog - Craig Boyd provides explanations and samples of Visual Foxpro topics.[RSS]

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