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Bistro is a young programming language that integrates the best features of Smalltalk with Java. It is a Smalltalk variant that runs atop any Java virtual machine (VM) that conforms to Sun Microsystems Java specifications.

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See Also:
  • Bistro - Smalltalk variant that runs atop any Java virtual machine (VM) bistro conforming to Sun Java specifications; has some Java features to bistro better support integrating the two languages, declarative language model. [Open bistro Source, BSD-like]
  • Java Platform Language Neutrality - Nik Boyd paper considers criteria to assess language smalltalk neutrality of a software development platform. Response to smalltalk Roger Sessions.
  • Bistro = Smalltalk over Java - Paper introducing Bistro language, compares it to Smalltalk, bistro Java. Original smalltalk motives, directions for language creation. By bistro Nik Boyd.
  • The Bistro Programming Language - Article reprint from Dr. Dobb\'s Journal. Reviews the language. [Developer::Pipelines]
  • Nik Boyd - Papers - Draft and published papers by Bistro creator. Links smalltalk to documents.
  • Bistro FAQ - Bistro Frequently Asked Questions.

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