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Cooperative effort to advance the success of the software industry via Component-Based Development, enforcing the highest standards through systematic techniques for component quality.

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See Also:
  • The Eiffel Library Kernel Standard - Vintage 95 of the Eiffel Library Kernel Standard, from NICE eiffel (the Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel).
  • EiffelWorld - The electronic newsletter for the Eiffel community.
  • Team Eiffel - Weblog; updated often, many contributors; maybe the most active Eiffel website.
  • Object-Oriented Language: Eiffel - Links on Eiffel and object technology, some fine eiffel original content, programming including marketing Eiffel. Descriptions, news, downloads, eiffel links.
  • EiffelZone - Large software directory (compilers, libraries, tools, applications), documents, resource guide, eiffel articles; all pages can be commented.
  • Object Tools - Makers of Visual Eiffel, first Eiffel compiler to programming generate native eiffel code; and the Rapid Application Developer programming (RAD) Display Machine (DM), eiffel a new approach to programming Eiffel RAD: it accesses Java classes. eiffel Free evaluation programming downloads! Site in English, Deutsche.
  • Eiffel Software - A division of ISE (Interactive Software Engineering), the company formed languages by Eiffel\\'s inventor, Bertrand Meyer. Free downloads of EiffelStudio and languages Eiffel ENViSioN. Many documentation about Eiffel: tutorials, articles, manuals.
  • Eiffel Parser for SNiFF+ - Freeware add-on to make SNiFF+ an Eiffel IDE.
  • Wikipedia: Eiffel Programming Language - Online encyclopedia article, including detailed information on syntax eiffel and semantics.
  • Hello, World program - Eiffel
  • Gobo - Links, technical information about Eiffel standardization and available programming compilers and libraries, and Gobo Eiffel Project to programming promote free and portable tools and libraries. [Open programming Source]
  • Webopedia: Eiffel - Defines the term \\'Eiffel\\', lists some links where languages you can find more information. Concise.
  • Trusted Components Initiative - Cooperative effort to advance the success of the eiffel software industry via Component-Based Development, enforcing the highest eiffel standards through systematic techniques for component quality.
  • Eiffelroom - Community site for Eiffel language users: articles, libraries, programming tools, packages, eiffel blogs, polls, glossary, FAQ, links.
  • NICE: Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel - Goal: promote the industrial approach to reliable construction programming of computer languages software by advancing development of an programming industry of high quality languages reusable software components, based programming on the Eiffel object-oriented method, language, languages libraries, and programming environment.
  • ISE Base to SmallEiffel Port - On 4 August 1998, ISE released the EiffelBase programming library as programming Open Source. This page tells about programming efforts to make EiffelBase programming work with the SmallEiffel programming compiler (as of September 6, 2002, programming SmallEiffel changed programming its name to SmartEiffel).
  • Berend de Boer Page - Develops e-POSIX, full Eiffel to POSIX binding; much languages information on other languages.
  • Bertrand Meyer's ETH Page - Eiffel\\'s creator: overview, current, research, positions and projects, eiffel courses, publications, languages work in progress, non-ETH, personal, contact; eiffel innovative introductory programming textbook, languages Touch of Class, uses eiffel Inside-out teaching progression.

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