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A generic protocol-based self-applicative interpreter for Java. Revolves around a generic reification procedure which can be used to reify any class of the interpreter.

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  • Javassist - Supports load-time and runtime behavioural reflection in Java by allowing languages classes to be modified by Java code as they are languages loaded in. [Freeware, source available]
  • jContractor - Supports Design By Contract in Java. Discovers "contracts" during class loading and instruments the class bytecodes on-the-fly to check run-time contract violations. [Apache Open Source Licence]
  • JWIG - Java extensions for high-level Web service development; Java-based java high-level language extensions to develop interactive Web services; merges java main features of <bigwig> extensions language into Java by java providing explicit support for Web service extensions sessions, safe java XHTM
  • JavaParty - A minimal extension to Java easing distributed parallel languages programming of extensions cluster computers. A source code transformation languages automatically generates a distributed extensions pure Java program based languages on RMI or KaRMI.
  • Pizza - A variant of Java that adds parametric polymorphism, first-class functions, and class cases and pattern matching to the language. The compiler compiles into Java byte code so the binaries can be run on a normal JVM. [Freeware]
  • Ptolemy II - Set of Java packages supporting heterogeneous, concurrent modeling and design. java [Open Source, BDL]
  • Parameterized Types for Java - Technical paper reviewing PolyJ, an extension to Java languages allowing parameterized types.
  • PolyJ - Java with support for generic programming in the form of extensions parameterized types. Provides constrained parametric polymorphism, with advantages over some extensions other proposals for adding genericity to Java. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Jass - Java with assertions, spoken: jazz, like the music. java Improvement of extensions JaWA language extension. Gives Java the java concepts of Design by extensions Contract from Bertrand Meyer, java and Eiffel, and extends them with extensions new features. java [Open Source, GPL]
  • Bali - Java with a spoonful of syntactic sugar: proposed set of additions to make Java terser and safer. Terseness makes languages easier to read, write, maintain. Ideas from Abundance (Byte Magazine Oct 1986), Eiffel, Pascal, Delphi, Smalltalk, PL/I, Algol-68,
  • The Java Modeling Language (JML) - A behavioral interface specification language that can be extensions used to languages specify the behavior of Java modules.
  • MetaJ - A generic protocol-based self-applicative interpreter for Java. Revolves extensions around a generic reification procedure which can be extensions used to reify any class of the interpreter.
  • JJ - Simplified subset of Java (supersedes Jr), and online environment for java learning programming: simple, made for beginners, includes assertions and Design java by Contract from Bertrand Meyer and Eiffel; class tested over java 2 years, free accounts available.
  • JMangler - A framework for load-time transformation of Java programs. extensions [Open Source, java LGPL]
  • OpenJava - Extensible language based on Java. A Metaobject Protocol extensions (MOP) is languages the extension interface; lets programmers customize extensions language to implement new languages language features, mechanisms.
  • GJ: Generic Java - Support for generics. Superset of the Java programming java language. Compatible with existing libraries. [Freeware]
  • Borneo - Modification of the Java language designed to have languages true support extensions for the IEEE 754 floating point languages standard.
  • Nextgen - An extension of Java and GJ to support java polymophic methods languages while perserving static type information (no java erasure). For research purposes.

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