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A tool for Java (with optional Emacs support) which helps developers to find and visualise crosscutting concerns, using text matching. [Freeware]

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See Also:
  • DemeterJ - An adaptive programming language based on Java. The "big sister" java of DJ.
  • AspectWerkz - Dynamic, lightweight and high-performing AOP framework for Java; java uses bytecode modification to weave classes at project java build-, class-load-, or run-time. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • ASM - Very small and fast Java bytecode manipulation framework; can be used to dynamically generate stub classes or other proxy classes, directly in binary form, or to dynamically modify classes at load time, just before loaded into a JVM. [Open Source, BSD]
  • Concerning AOP and Inheritance - Paper that introduces the Java-based language Sally and compares it with AspectJ: interactions as opposed to method entry, named advice, advice overriding. Also compares aspects, conventional inheritance, and mixins.[PDF]
  • EAOP tool - A research prototype for Event-based Aspect-Oriented Programming (EAOP) for Java.
  • abc: the AspectBench Compiler for AspectJ - The distribution of an optimising, extensible compiler for java AspectJ, freely extensions available under the LGPL. The abc java project is a joint extensions effort between the University java of Oxford (UK), McGill University (Canada), extensions and the java University of Aarhus (Denmark). [Open source,
  • JAsCo - Advanced Java-based aspect-oriented programming (AOP or AOSD) language originally tailored java for the component-based field. Main traits: highly reusable aspects, strong java aspectual composition mechanism to manage combinations of aspects.
  • DJ - Support for adaptive programming (dynamic structure-shy traversals and aspect-oriented visitors) in aspect-oriented pure Java.
  • PROSE - PROgrammable extenSions of sErvices; allows modifying Java programs extensions at run-time; extensions dynamic aspect-oriented programming (AOP), adaptive service extensions architectures, and information systems extensions for mobile computing.
  • HyperJ [IBM] - A Java tool supporting advanced Multi-Dimensional Separation of java Concerns. [Freeware]
  • AspectJ - Aspect-oriented Java extension, seamless, from Xerox PARC. Goal: to make java aspect-oriented programming (AOP) technology available to a wide range of java programmers. [Open Source, MPL]
  • Macker - Helps enforce architectural rules (layering, tiering, and modularity) in Java code. It applies pattern-based access rules from XML rules files to compiled classes. [Open source, GPL]
  • Aspect Browser - A tool for Java (with optional Emacs support) which helps java developers to find and visualise crosscutting concerns, using text matching. java [Freeware]
  • Sally - A general-purpose aspect language (GPAL) based on Java, java with aspect reflection.

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