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Cites AOP as one of top 10 innovations, predicts that the power of aspect-orientation to separate previously hard-to-disentangle concerns will make it a big success.

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Aspect-Oriented Software Development* - Aspect-oriented tools and research projects for various languages; applications of AOP; theory; events calendar; discussion and announcement mailing lists.

  • Second International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling with UML - Held together with Fifth International Conference on the aspect-oriented Unified Modeling Language, the Language and its Applications. aspect-oriented 30 September - 4 October 2002; Dresden, Germany. aspect-oriented Position papers and workshop agenda.
  • Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming and Separation of Concerns - Proceedings of the workshop are available for free methodologies download. [Lancaster programming University, UK]
  • AOP: Aspect-Oriented Programming - Methodology enabling modularizing of crosscutting concerns. Experience shows that with programming standard procedural or object-oriented languages it can be hard to programming modularize many design concerns. Outgrowth of Xerox PARC OO programming programming research.
  • C-SAW - Constraint-Specification Aspect Weaver: 2-level weaving to support model-driven methodologies program transformation; project merges aspect model weaving, with methodologies model driven program transformation, to form technology to methodologies rapidly transform legacy systems via high-level tr
  • Aspectual Components - Paper on the integration of work on aspect-oriented aspect-oriented programming, software programming architecture and component-based software development.
  • AOP Alliance - Project of some software engineering people interested in aspect-oriented AOP and aspect-oriented Java. Goal: facilitate and standardize AOP aspect-oriented use to enhance extant aspect-oriented environments for middleware (e.g., aspect-oriented J2EE), or development (e.g., Eclipse, JBuilder). aspect-oriented License: public aspect-oriented domain.
  • XWeaver - An overview of the aspect weaver that operates methodologies on XML representation of the C/C++ source code. methodologies The weaver is designed to be modular, extensible methodologies and non-intrusive.
  • Work on AOP, components and reflection - Includes bibliography of aspect-oriented publications, sorted by year and by aspect-oriented author.
  • New Aspects of Software - Consulting, training for development and integration projects and application architecture. programming Focus: integrating Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) with lightweight Java, to build programming more adaptable software.
  • MIT Technology Review and Aspect-Oriented and Adaptive Programming - Cites AOP as one of top 10 innovations, aspect-oriented predicts that aspect-oriented the power of aspect-orientation to separate aspect-oriented previously hard-to-disentangle concerns will aspect-oriented make it a big aspect-oriented success.
  • Aspect-Oriented Decomposition and Composition - Free chapter from the book "Generative Programming" - aspect-oriented covers basic methodologies concepts of AOP with examples in aspect-oriented C++, Java, Smalltalk, and methodologies in AspectJ, Demeter, SOP aspect-oriented and Composition Filters; and techniques for methodologies implementing weaving.
  • Wikipedia: Aspect-Oriented Programming - Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.
  • Aspect-Oriented Modeling Workshop - Professor Omar Aldawud\\'s page on AOM event which assembled researchers methodologies and practitioners from two communities, aspect-oriented software development (AOSD), and methodologies software model engineering; 11-15 October 2004; Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Aspect-Oriented Software Engineering at Lancaster University - Rashid et al. work on aspect-oriented programming, specification, and databases.
  • Composition Filters - Modular, orthogonal, aspect-oriented filters which are attached to aspect-oriented classes and methodologies intercept messages.
  • Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns: Software Engineering using Hyperspaces - Hyperspaces allow software enginners to split code - methodologies and other aspect-oriented software artifacts such as requirements and methodologies design documents - along aspect-oriented multiple concern dimensions, and methodologies recombine them automatically.

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