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Researches software engineering: building large, complex systems at reasonable cost and high reliability; especially evolution (e.g., enhancement) of large systems, which is driven by unpredictable market forces, including customer desire for leading-edge

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  • Don Roberts Page - Personal page; majority of his work has been refactoring working with programming John Brant to develop the Refactoring refactoring Browser, and Smalllint system programming to detect common bugs refactoring and style errors in Smalltalk. Also programming works with refactoring Ralph Johnson at UIUC.
  • SourceMaking: Refactoring - Catalog of 74 classic refactorings.
  • Bill Griswold Page - Researches software engineering: building large, complex systems at methodologies reasonable cost methodologies and high reliability; especially evolution (e.g., methodologies enhancement) of large systems, methodologies which is driven by methodologies unpredictable market forces, including customer desire methodologies for leading-edge
  • Code Refactoring - Wikipedia - Overview of definitions and methodologies.
  • Refactoring - Website maintained by Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks, and based refactoring on his Addison-Wesley book: news, online summaries of the book\\'s refactoring refactorings, book errata; refactoring tools, some two dozen useful links.
  • The Refactory, Inc. - Founded as a consortium of experts in Refactoring, programming objects, e-commerce, Patterns, Extreme Programming, flexible and adaptable programming systems; dedicated to helping organizations succeed with objects; programming evolved from Ralph Johnson Software Architecture group, Univers
  • Martin Fowler - Object-oriented programming expert and consultant, one of the programming leaders in refactoring, author of the book \\'Refactoring: programming Improving the Design of Existing Code\', Extreme Programming programming proponent. Many useful articles and links.
  • Refactoring to Patterns - By Joshua Kerievsky; Addison Wesley, 2004, ISBN 0321213351; methodologies interactive CD refactoring available. Jolt award winning book, merges methodologies refactoring (process to improve refactoring design of extant code) methodologies with patterns (classic solutions to recurring refactoring design problems). methodologies Industrial Logic.
  • A Survey of Software Refactoring - Abstract and many references, from paper with programming overview of methodologies research; link to full paper, for programming fee. IEEE Transactions on methodologies Software Engineering.
  • Refactoring as Meta Programming? - Suggests a different context than usual. Dave Thomas. refactoring JOT: Journal methodologies of Object Technology.
  • Catalog of Database Refactorings - Catalog of small changes to your database schema which improves refactoring its design without changing its semantics.

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