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Part 1, retrospective of when author first envisioned an extension mechanism for use cases with manifestation down to code level; by Ivar Jacobson. Jaczone AB.

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  • Once More, From the Top - What is AOP? How is it used? The articles basics are worth repeating, as are the realities articles that counter persistent misconceptions. Dr. Dobb's.
  • Double Decker - Two new books explore what it\\'s like to build enterprise methodologies applications with aspects and offer a methodology to design AOP-implemented methodologies systems. Dr. Dobb's.
  • The Case for Aspects - AOP can finally advance beyond code-level constructs to aspect-oriented realize true methodologies cross-cutting visibility for models. It’s taken aspect-oriented 25 years, but now methodologies programming is on the aspect-oriented cusp of a powerful new paradigm methodologies linking aspects aspect-oriented and use cases. Dr. Dobb's.
  • Thinking Aspects - The biggest impact has begun: like object-oriented programming articles before it, articles AOP is changing the way to articles think about elements of articles software systems. Dr. Dobb's.
  • It's Not Metaprogramming - AOP was a move away from explicit metaprogramming aspect-oriented to a articles direct semantics for coding crosscutting concerns. aspect-oriented But metaprogramming can still articles be useful, if kept aspect-oriented under control. Dr. Dobb's.
  • The AOP Report Card - AOP training and tool support are key issues for future growth. Dr. Dobb's.
  • Testing the Waters - With new tools emerging, and buzz rising, it\\'s time to articles start working with AOP; a plan to do so, in articles 4 simple steps. Dr. Dobb's.
  • The New Modularity - Aspects open up new possibilities for previously locked-down parts of methodologies platforms. Dr. Dobb's.
  • Palpable Progess - From the podium to the hallways, the 3rd annual Aspect-Oriented Software Development Conference, Lancaster, England, was filled with the energy of commercial adopters. Dr. Dobb's.
  • The Key to AOP - History shows that to be widely adopted, new aspect-oriented programming paradigms articles must be expressive, efficient, intuitive, compatible, aspect-oriented with good tool support. articles Dr. Dobb's.
  • Common Misconceptions - Whether focused on AOP generality, utility, or functionality, one may encounter some false concepts that get in the way. Dr. Dobb's.
  • Show Me the Structure - AOP is about crosscutting structure. Grasp that, and articles it\\'s clear aspect-oriented what direction AOP tools must follow. articles Dr. Dobb's.
  • I Want My AOP - Series of 3 articles, with code samples, on methodologies how Aspect-Oriented aspect-oriented Programming helps separate concerns and improves methodologies maintainability and flexibility. JavaWorld.

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