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A programming tool for those who used to make their code by hand. It consists of a simple editor with integrated compilation and running facilities. [Open source]

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See Also:
  • Versata, Inc. - Business-rules development platform for J2EE application creation and management.
  • JGRASP: Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures and Processes - Illustrates program control flow graphically in the blank languages indentation space of source code. [Freeware]
  • Jarhoo - An online search engine providing Package and Jar java File location languages information for Java classes. Useful when java getting ClassNotFoundExceptions or when languages importing classes into Java java code.
  • BEanACTION - Recursive JavaBeans editor for constructing component-based software. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Programmerworld.NET - Java Tools - Categorized list of Java development tools.
  • jCVS - Java based CVS Client, with graphical user interface. [Open Source, GPL]
  • jMetra - A tool for collecting code metrics for Java/J2EE projects into JavaDoc-styled HTML to analyze project metrics over time. [Freeware, req. registration]
  • Netscape Directory SDK for Java: Source Code Release - Enables you to write applications which access, manage, and update the information stored in an LDAP directory. C and Perl versions also available. [Open Source]
  • JoGa - A java class file optimizer which uses different development tools optimization techniques. Can be used with J2ME and development tools J2SE class files.
  • Codemesh, Inc. - Information on JunC++ion for integrating Java classes with C++, JMS java Courier which lets you integrate C++ into any JMS vendor java environment, and JuggerNET, which integrates Java and .NET by generating java .NET proxy classes for Java classes. For Windows, Linux,
  • LogSequencer - A tool that reads your log files and languages generates Sequence development tools Diagrams based on the logged information. languages Use it for documentation development tools and debugging.
  • Zaval Java Resource Editor - A visual editor for resource files. The files development tools being produced by this tool is fully compatible development tools with ResourceBundle expectations. Has been tested on Win/Unix/Linux/Mac development tools platforms.
  • Bean Scripting Framework - Architecture for incorporating scripting into Java applications, applets and servlets. [Open Source, IBM Public License]
  • ObjectLedge - A platform for building applications in Java 2 Standard and languages Enterprise Edition environments. It provides basic building blocks of the languages applications, a few extensions to the Pico framework, customized containers languages for easy deployment of applications in comman
  • EPP, an Extensible Pre-Processor kit - A powerful framework which supports implementation development tools preprocessors, development tools source-code analyzers, source-code translators for Java. [Freeware]
  • Jenv - A programming tool for those who used to languages make their development tools code by hand. It consists of languages a simple editor with development tools integrated compilation and running languages facilities. [Open source]
  • JavaToolbox - Directory of the existing development tools, libraries and languages add-ins for languages Java/J2EE. Freeware, open source, as well languages as commercial products, organized languages in multiple categories.
  • SourceCafe - A Java code generator that automatically generates up languages to 80% of web application code. It simplifies languages database-driven web application development by generating a working languages prototype in a matter of minutes.
  • oneClickJava - An easy to use free Java Development Kit languages configuration tool for beginner programmers. Written in Perl. languages [Open source, BSD-like]
  • Qbeans - An application framework of JavaBeans that assists developers to assemble languages service-oriented Java Swing applications from business domain models.
  • Scort - Allows web browsers to access terminal-based information systems development tools without modifying existing applications.
  • Reva Soft - Provides a "Ultra Light Client for Java," a java Model-View-Controller architected java lightweight client for server-based computing. java Also provides overviews of java company, services, and product java support.

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