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  • Together - A product for OO modeling (Java, C++ and Corba) and development tools supports the creation and deployment of Enterprise JavaBeans to a development tools variety of application servers.
  • DreamBeans - A fully visual (iconic) RAD and prototyping tool development tools that generates Java Servlets without writing any code. development tools By Konsensys.
  • AgileJ StructureViews - Java Eclipse plugin supporting configurable reverse engineered UML class diagrams.
  • CrazyBeans - An extensible framework to generate code or to read, modify, java analyze and create models in RationalRose\'s petal format.
  • Compuware OptmalJ - Generates J2EE applications from UML models.
  • Velatte - Rapid application development tool for Business Analysts based development tools on J2EE. [Commercial]
  • Foundation Layer - An OO CASE tool for automatic generation of business objects code. The generated code supports the life cycle operations for persistent objects. The FL supports the persistence of business objects over a database. [Freeware]

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