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Tools, almost always pure software, to help refactor (restructure) computer code, especially inheritance hierarchies. All such software automatically analyzes code. Some of it automatically refactors code. Some even automatically deletes duplicate code. Such tools are most useful for object-oriented code, and even more so for prototype-based code. The tools in this category are for use with Java, and mostly Java-based.

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See Also:
  • JRefactory - Open source Java refactoring tool, supports a dozen code refactoring refactorings; java command line options: with/without GUI, comes as code refactoring plugin for java IDEs Elixir, JBuilder, NetBeans: in the code refactoring first two, can java now switch from UML diagram code refactoring to source code. [Open java Source, Apache style]
  • SD Times: jFactor Speeds Code-Improvement Process - Instantiations refactoring tool helps meet enterprise standards.
  • Refactorit - Refactoring and code tracking and analysis support tool. May be development tools used standalone or integrated with IDEs such as Netbeans, Forte, development tools JDeveloper and JBuilder. [Commercial]
  • Condenser - Tool to automatically restructure (refactor) Java inheritance hierarchies, code refactoring and code refactoring delete duplicate code. Such tools are most code refactoring useful with code refactoring OO code, more so prototype-based. Brief code refactoring description, example diagram, code refactoring links. [Open Source, MIT]
  • Transmogrify - A Java code analysis and manipulation architecture. Currently, the focus of the architecture is as a refactoring tool. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Design Pattern Transformer - A prototype-tool for automatic program transformations, which allows code refactoring refactoring of programs written in Java language. [Freeware]
  • JavaRefactor - JEdit Plugin - A plugin that adds automatic refactoring of Java development tools source code to the editor. This currently development tools includes class, field, method, and package renaming and development tools push-down and pull-up of methods and fields in development tools an inheritance hierarchy. [Open Source, LGPL]

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