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A free integrated toolkit to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web services, and Web applications with the latest Web service technologies and standards implementations.

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See Also:
  • StrutsWizard - BW*Wizard for Struts (aka StrutsWizard) builds database transactions development tools using templates based on the open-source Jakarta Struts development tools framework. [Shareware]
  • MyEclipse - A Eclipse-based J2EE development platform. [Shareware]
  • Sun: Metro Web Services - A free integrated toolkit to build, test and java deploy XML applications, Web services, and Web applications java with the latest Web service technologies and standards java implementations.
  • RapidJ - A commercial Java code generator that produces customisable J2EE web applications based on popular technologies such as Struts, Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
  • Scottit - A web based performance monitoring and administration console for both developers and administrators working with Resin application server.
  • eKnowlogie ColdFusion to J2EE Migrator - a software transformation tool to automatically migrate ColdFusion applications to enterprise edition Java J2EE. It will re-architect the original monolithic ColdFusion application enterprise edition into a modular Model-View-Controller (MVC) application framework using Struts and enterprise edition JSP.
  • jVantage - A J2EE rapid application development (RAD) tool for creating web-enabled java J2EE enterprise applications visually, on-the-fly, interactively, using a web browser java as a development environment.
  • Project WONDER - A collection of frameworks and tools for the development tools WebObjects development tools application server.
  • JUnitEE - A unit testing framework providing a TestRunner which enterprise edition outputs HTML and a servlet which can be enterprise edition used as an entry point to test cases. enterprise edition JUnit based. [Open Source, GPL]
  • JPlates - Object-oriented template processing language. Includes documentation and beta participation information.
  • Netspective - The platform for J2EE and Web Services integration. [Commercial]
  • Sygel: Wonder Machine - Generates J2EE applications from UML domain models and development tools existing development tools database schemas. [Commercial]
  • InfraRED - A low overhead, non-intrusive performance monitoring tool for enterprise edition J2EE applications. [Open source, Apache License]
  • Bugkilla - A set of alpha state tools for functional enterprise edition acceptance java testing of J2EE Web applications. Specification and enterprise edition execution of java tests will be automated for both enterprise edition the web front java end and business logic layer. enterprise edition [Open Source, LGPL]
  • OpenEnterpriseX - A free, open source, standards-based Java/J2EE development suite enterprise edition distribution development tools for building enterprise application.
  • JeeWiz! - End-to-end (i.e. model-to-code) Java and J2EE Application Development enterprise edition Environment enterprise edition for the enterprise. [Commercial]
  • zeroCode - An application platform that enables rapid construction of java pure-Java web java applications, using a metadata-driven, visual paradigm. java [Commercial]

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