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A simple Java benchmarking framework. It provides an easy way to compare algorithms, and virtual machines, for speed. [Open source]

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  • Java Server Benchmarks - Covers network computing with Java, including Web-based dynamic performance and testing development tools content delivery (servlets), business object frameworks, and multitier performance and testing development tools transactional data acquisition.
  • HttpUnit - Automates website testing, including form submission, JavaScript, basic development tools http performance and testing authentication, cookies and automatic page redirection, and development tools allows Java performance and testing test code to examine returned pages development tools either as text, performance and testing an XML DOM, or containers development tools of forms, tables, and performance and testing links.
  • Distributed Testing Framework - Designed to test all aspects of distributed applications development tools with centralized control . Distributed tests on windows, development tools linux, other clients using STAF (and eventually other development tools P2P tools). Tests are written in Java. [Open development tools Source, BSD license]
  • Java Performance Tools - Overview of Java performance tuning tools for the development tools HP performance and testing UX platform. [HP resource]
  • JBench - A simple Java benchmarking framework. It provides an easy way to compare algorithms, and virtual machines, for speed. [Open source]
  • QStudio for Java - Code quality assessment and quality control tool for Java development; integrates with Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, NetBeans, VisualAge. [Shareware]
  • EJB Benchmark - Archived version of an 2002 article presenting a development tools benchmark application comparing the relative performance of five development tools EJB design idioms.
  • Jtest - A tool that does unit and code compliance java testing of java Java classes and auto-generates JUnit test java cases from a running java application. [Commercial, trial version]
  • GJTester - An implementation of the Computer-Aided Software Testing (CAST) paradigm. It performance and testing provides a powerful GUI to accomplish Java unit and regression performance and testing test without programming effort. [Commercial]
  • Jameleon - Automated testing tool that separates applications into features java and allows those features to be tied together java independently, creating test cases. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • MockEJB framework - A lightweight framework for running EJBs outside of java the container java for unit testing. [Open source, Apache java Software License]
  • Harness - An object oriented framework that facilitates functional testing development tools of development tools software written in Java. It is based development tools on the development tools concept of test cases and uses development tools XML as input/output development tools format. [Open source, GPL]
  • Zyntax Java Serialized Stream Extension for Rational Suite TestStudio - An adaptor for testing applications that use Java Objects for development tools communication between clients and servers. It can be used to development tools produce scripts for load, stress and performance testing on the development tools application. [Commercial]
  • AppPerfect Corp. - Offers a Java/J2EE testing solution including profiler, code analyzer and development tools unit/functional/load tester and agentless monitors and controllers for Windows/Linux/Solaris J2EE development tools application servers, databases, SNMP and web servers. [Commercial]
  • Java Optimization - Benchmarking articles, books, and links.
  • iValidator - A framework for the automation of complex test performance and testing scenarios intended for use in the integration testing performance and testing process. [Open Source]
  • jMock - A library for testing Java code using mock objects. [Open performance and testing source]
  • Test Mentor Java Edition - A functional test and test modeling tool offering four aspects: performance and testing test modeling and documentation, test creation, test execution performance and testing and test results management. [Commercial]
  • GrandTestAuto - A tool for the testing of Java applications. performance and testing GrandTestAuto uses reflection to run tests and check performance and testing that they properly cover all public classes. [Open performance and testing Source, Wide Open License]
  • DevPartner Java Edition - Features distributed application analysis, memory, performance, and code coverage analysis performance and testing plus thread deadlock detection, design and code validation. [Commercial]
  • Welofunc Performer - A load test tool with a special focus performance and testing performance and testing on J2EE applications [Open source, GPL]
  • Testare - A testing framework for distributed applications with built-in development tools support java for in-container testing providing support for test development tools environment management java and introspection techniques such as fixtures, development tools global fixtures, test java environment probes and guards. [Open development tools Sou

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