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A unit test is a procedure used to verify that a particular module of source code is working properly. The principle behind unit testing is to write test cases for all functions and methods. Whenever a change causes a regression, defects can be quickly identified and fixed. Ideally, each test case is separate from all others. Unit testing is mostly done by the developers and not by end-users. The concept is part of the Extreme Programming method of software engineering. Various unit testing frameworks, based on a design by Kent Beck, have come to be known collectively as xUnit, and are available for many programming languages and development platforms.

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See Also:
  • Junitour - Extension to Junit make "Unimplemented" or "Still Incomplete" tests labeled performance and testing differently, for later development. [Open Source, ASL]
  • JTestCase - A framework which helps in separating test data performance and testing performance and testing from JUnit test code by loading data from performance and testing performance and testing XML files. It\\'s recommended to use in JUnit performance and testing performance and testing test framework or JProbe. [Open Source, Common Public performance and testing performance and testing License]
  • Pisces - An extension to JUnit for distributed testing environments. development tools Gives performance and testing developers and testers the ability to create development tools complex test performance and testing suites that may be composed of development tools remote unit tests performance and testing running in parallel or serially. development tools [Open Source, GPL]
  • Jaxcent - Jaxcent can be used to unit test Web performance and testing Applications by automating the Internet Explorer. Unit testing performance and testing samples using JUnit are provided. [Commercial, trial version]
  • Cactus - A JUnit based test framework for integration unit testing of development tools server-side Java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters). Test runners development tools integrate with Jetty, Eclipse, Ant or a Browser. Cactus tests development tools are supported amongst others by JUnitEE, JBuilder and Togeth
  • TagUnit - Allows unit testing of JSP custom tags within unit testing their development tools special environment. The contents and side effects unit testing (attributes, cookies) development tools of a custom tag are checked unit testing with assertions. [Open development tools Source, BSD license]
  • JUnit - A unit testing framework which is a central performance and testing performance and testing element of the Extreme Programming (XP) testing practice. performance and testing performance and testing The site also features information about other unit performance and testing performance and testing testing frameworks. [Open Source, IBM Public License]
  • JUnitX - Test framework which extends JUnit, allowing to test private and protected Java classes, methods and variables, with GUI.
  • WOUnitTest - A framework for unit testing WebObjects applications based development tools on development tools JUnit. WOUTRunner is a Cocoa application for development tools running JUnit development tools tests of WebObjects projects. It is development tools based on the development tools WOUnitTest framework. [Open Source, BSD development tools License]
  • JUnitPerf - A collection of JUnit test decorators used to unit testing measure unit testing performance and scalability. Intended to be used unit testing in situations unit testing where performance and/or scalability requirements are unit testing to be kept unit testing in check while refactoring code. unit testing [Open Source, BSD License]
  • Dbunit - A JUnit extension that puts a database into a known development tools state between test runs. It can export and import a development tools database (or parts) to and from XML datasets. [Open Source, development tools LGPL]
  • MockMaker - A program for creating source code for mock object classes. development tools MockObjects can then be used to help writing automated unit development tools tests using JUnit. [Open Source, MIT license]
  • STclass - A unit testing framework comparable to JUnit, but unit testing based on runtime evaluable contracts. It implements contract unit testing based class level unit testing; inheritance of contracts unit testing and tests is handled. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Surrogate - Surrogate - A complimentary unit testing framework, especially suitable for performance and testing performance and testing unit testing of large, complex Java systems. The performance and testing performance and testing framework integrates seamlessly with JUnit, MockEJB and various performance and testing performance and testing mock object implementations. [Open Source]

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