GUI Performance and Testing Development Tools Java

Tools for functional and performance testing of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) implemented in Java .

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See Also:
  • GUIdancer - An automated GUI test tool for Java (Swing, development tools RCP, SWT) and HTML programs, which requires no development tools programming. Tests can be specified before the application development tools under test is available and are reusable and development tools robust against changes in the application under test. development tools [Comme
  • Pounder - A utility for testing Java GUIs. It allows gui developers to performance and testing dynamically load components, record scripts, and gui then use those scripts performance and testing to construct JUnit tests. gui Requires Java 1.4. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Abbot - A framework using simple XML-based scripts to launch a GUI, development tools play back arbitrary user actions on it and examine its development tools state. Includes a script editor which can record user actions. development tools [Open Source, Common Public License]
  • jfcUnit - Enables developers to write unit test cases for performance and testing Java Swing-based applications. It provides XML Recording and performance and testing playback. This allows users to quickly and automatically performance and testing generate/edit scripts to drive the testing. [Open Source, performance and testing LGPL]
  • UISpec4J - UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and unit gui testing framework performance and testing for Swing-based Java applications, built on gui top of the JUnit performance and testing test harness.
  • QF-Test - A cross-platform tool for Java GUI test automation (Swing, Eclipse/SWT, gui Webstart, Applets, ULC). It supports regression and load testing, has gui component recognition and can handle custom GUI objects. [Commercial]
  • Jacareto - Capture-and-Replay-Tool for Java applications and applets which can gui be used performance and testing for GUI testing, with command line gui and GUI frontends. [Open performance and testing Source, BSD]
  • Marathon - A GUI testing framework supporting applications developed using Java/Swing. The test scripts are composed of Python code. Marathon focuses on end-user testing. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • JFCMark - Benchmark suite aimed at measuring and comparing performance of JFC/Swing and related APIs. Free download with full source code.
  • jemmy - A module for the Netbeans IDE that is performance and testing used to create automated tests for Java GUI performance and testing applications. It contains methods to reproduce all user performance and testing actions which can be performed on Swing/AWT components.
  • The Liar View Bug Pattern - Article about testing problems related to using the model-view-controller architecture.

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