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A Java class file obfuscator, that supports selective renaming, unused method and field removal, as well as bytecode obfuscation. [Shareware]

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  • IBM alphaWorks JAX - A Java application packaging tool that reduces the distribution size development tools of a Java application. [Commercial]
  • Semantic Designs Java Obfuscator - Scrambles source code using nonsense names and stripping obfuscators comments to disable reverse engineering. Works on large obfuscators sets of files. [Commercial]
  • Smokescreen - A Java class file obfuscator, that supports selective renaming, unused method and field removal, as well as bytecode obfuscation. [Shareware]
  • JavaGuard - Obfuscates. Updated version of RetroGuard. Can be run development tools from the command-line or using a GUI. [Open development tools source, GPL]
  • Saffeine - Tool for the Java bytecode protection and feature development tools driven obfuscators license management. The \\'Saffeine\\' engine uses strong development tools cryptography algorithms obfuscators to obfuscate unlicensed Java byte code. development tools [Commercial]
  • DashO - Obfuscates to enhance source code security, shrinks to obfuscators improve efficiency, and watermarks to track the obfuscators origin of a pirated copy. [Commercial]
  • yGuard - Bytecode obfuscator configurable to run through Ant build obfuscators scripts. [Freeware, obfuscators core library is open source, LGPL]
  • Marvin - Removes unnecessary classes and obfuscates applications, applets, and servlets. Supports development tools encryption of string constants. [Freeware]
  • Jshrink - Removes unused code and data then obfuscates symbolic java names in java class files. [Commercial]
  • CafeBabe - Interactively displays and obfuscates the internals of class java files. [Open Source]
  • CodeShield - Command-line obfuscator for Java class files. [Commercial]
  • Cinnabar Canner - Protects Java-based applications from decompilation and reverse engineering development tools by obfuscators embedding an encrypted version of the application\\'s development tools classes and obfuscators resources into a native Windows executable. development tools [Commercial]
  • jarg - Java Archive Grinder - Shrinks and obfuscates jar files. Runs from the java command line development tools or as an Ant task. [Open java source, BSD]
  • JLock - A Java class file encrypter. It transparently encrypts development tools Java development tools class files and at run-time decrypts the development tools code, so development tools that the JVM can interpret the development tools class file as development tools a valid Java byte-code. By development tools JBit Software. [Commercial]
  • RetroGuard - Highly-configurable Java bytecode obfuscator with support for Java obfuscators 2, reflection java and scripting. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • JCloak - Bytecode obfuscator to protect code from reverse engineering. [Commercial]
  • JBCO: The Java Bytecode Obfuscator - A Bytecode Obfuscator with third-generation control-flow transformations. [Open development tools source]
  • JODE (Java Optimize and Decompile Environment) - Can be used to optimize, obfuscate and/or decompile development tools code. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Zelix KlassMaster - Java obfuscator with flow obfuscation, string literal encryption, development tools scripting, java Ant integration, incremental obfuscation, obfuscated line numbers, development tools J2ME plugin java and stack trace translation. Also removes development tools unused classes, fields java and methods. [Commercial]
  • ProGuard - Shrinks and obfuscates, with template-based configuration. Comes with java an Ant development tools task, a J2ME WTK plugin, and java a tool to de-obfuscate development tools stack traces. [Open source, java GPL]

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