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A generic Web-based database administration system, a rapid templating mechanism, using "templets" (sub-templates) provides an easy mechanism for rendering persistent objects as interface elements. It is fully integrated with Java persistence l

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  • instantOLAP - A powerful lightweight reporting and virtual OLAP tool, java completely web-based databases and persistence and written in the Java programming java language. [Commercial]
  • SQLClient - A simple SQL client with profiles of host/user/db databases and persistence databases and persistence combinations. It allows multiple JDBC drivers, browsing databases, databases and persistence databases and persistence as well as query and update. [Open Source, databases and persistence databases and persistence GPL]
  • JReport - A pure Java report writer, creates sophisticated reports, tools graphs, RTF java texts, crosstabs, sub-reports, and drill-down. Access tools data from JDBC, ODBC java or another source with tools an API. The WYSIWYG designer, server java and viewer tools are also available in Beans. [Commercia
  • DbVisualizer - Cross platform database independent visual browsing and editing databases and persistence databases and persistence tool. [Freeware]
  • Fredy's Admintool for SQL - GUI admin tool for JDBC databases. Allows querying java (guided or tools plain SQL), meta-querying, Java code generation. java [Open Source, GPL]
  • SQL Pretty Printer - Takes SQL statements as the input and then databases and persistence java presents it in a structured way complete with databases and persistence java proper indentation for sub clauses and capitalization of databases and persistence java keywords. [Commercial]
  • Cache Monitor - An SQL development tool only for InterSystems database Cache that databases and persistence allows explore and manage database objects as well as execute databases and persistence own ad-hoc queries.
  • Aqua Data Studio - An SQL editor and development tool that allows tools developers to easily create, edit, and execute SQL tools scripts, as well as browse database structures. [Freeware]
  • iSQL-VIewer - An SQL browser tool that works with any tools JDBC 2.0 or higher driver. [Open Source, MPL]
  • SWTJasperViewer - A JasperReports viewer component for SWT/JFace based applications and Eclipse tools plug-ins. [Open source, LGPL]
  • QueryForm Database Utility - A powerful GUI front end for relational databases. It creates tools forms on-the-fly through which tables can be queried or updated. tools [Open source, GPL]
  • Java Reporting Tools - A short review of known Java reporting tools.
  • SQL2JAVA - Introspects database schema and generates all the needed databases and persistence java java code to access it. No XML, no databases and persistence java manual mapping, no complex architecture, no hand coded databases and persistence java queries. [Open source, LGPL]
  • SQuirreL SQL Client - Java GUI program that allows viewing the structure databases and persistence java of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data databases and persistence java in tables, and issue SQL commands. [Open Source, databases and persistence java LGPL]
  • SpeedJDB - A uniform JDBC driven database frontend to all java common SQL tools databases. [Shareware]
  • ReportMill - A Java developer tool for dynamically generating reports and web databases and persistence pages from Java applications in formats such as PDF, HTML, databases and persistence Flash, Excel.
  • JFaceDbc - A JDBC client application written in Java that tools allow to java view the structure of a JDBC tools compliant database, issuing SQL java commands. The GUI tools is based on JFace and SWT java libraries from tools the Eclipse Project. JFaceDbc can run as a java tools stand-alone application or as an Ec
  • Generic Report Writer - Java report writer. Interface is menu driven not tools drag-and-drop. Can tools also be used in a servlet tools or batch job to tools generate previously designed reports. tools [Open Source, GPL]
  • myTextReport - Creates flexible reports from mySQL databases in any databases and persistence ASCII-based format, like HTML, RTF, TEX, Postscript, VRML... databases and persistence whatever. Just edit a template-file and insert special-coded, databases and persistence even relational SQL-statements. [Open Source, GPL]
  • DataBrowser - GUI Java database access tool capable of working java with virtually any JDBC enabled database. [Commercial]
  • JasperReports - A powerful report-generating tool that has the ability java to deliver rich content onto the screen, to java the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV java and XML files.
  • SQL Developer - A SQL administration and development frontend with a tools graphical user java interface. It is written completely in tools Java and runs on java virtual machines supporting Java tools 1.3 or higher.
  • ReportWeaver - An object oriented report writer/generator for applications written java in Java. databases and persistence [Commercial]
  • OrindaBuild - A utility that writes Java source code to tools run PL/SQL tools procedures and SQL statements in Oracle tools databases using a web tools service. By Orinda Software. tools [Commercial, with sources]
  • Melati - A generic Web-based database administration system, a rapid templating mechanism, using "templets" (sub-templates) provides an easy mechanism for rendering persistent objects as interface elements. It is fully integrated with Java persistence l
  • NLBean - "Natural language" interface to databases. Allows simple human tools language queries, java rather than requiring the user to tools use SQL or fill java in forms. [Open Source, tools Artistic License]
  • JasperAssistant - A visual report designer tool for JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting engine. It is built on top of the Eclipse\\'s plug-in architecture and its main goal is to help create JasperReports report definition files through a simple graphical interfac
  • RReport Visual Builder - Reporting tool for java. It can preview , tools print and databases and persistence export reports to PDF and DHTML. tools It can retrieve data databases and persistence from databases using JDBC.
  • iReport - A visual reporting tool based on JasperReports written in 100% tools pure Java. It can manage charts, images, subreports. Data can tools be retrived using JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML. It supports output tools in PDF, XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, Java2D. [Open source, GPL]
  • DB Solo - A database development and management tool for developers java and admins. databases and persistence DB Solo allows you to explore java and manage database objects databases and persistence as well as execute java ad-hoc queries. It runs on Windows, databases and persistence Solaris and java Linux and supports Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and MS databases and persistence java SQL Server.
  • db2db - An application to transfer tables and data among java heterogeneous relational databases. Written in Java and using java JDBC, it is fully database-independent. It should work java for any RDBMS with a suitable JDBC driver. java [Open Source, GPL]
  • FireStorm - Generates database persistence logic based on relational database databases and persistence databases and persistence schema. Generates DAO, EJB and JDBC code.
  • SwisSQL - Oracle to Java edition helps convert Oracle PL/SQL procedures to java Java. By Vembu Technologies. [Commercial]

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