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Allows management and monitoring of applications supporting the JMX specification, providing live graphing and customizable interfaces. [Open source, Apache License]

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  • - Listed applications include Java applications, Servlets, Beans and languages other Java languages projects.
  • HALLoGRAM - Catalogue commercial Java programs and training tools.
  • VisualVersion - BusyTime time management application, and BackupSW practical file languages backup solution. [Commercial]
  • MC4J - Allows management and monitoring of applications supporting the JMX specification, languages providing live graphing and customizable interfaces. [Open source, Apache License]
  • Jafs - Directory of freeware and open source Java applications.
  • Jess - A Java Expert System Shell and scripting environment. applications [Commercial]
  • JChessBoard - Chess game, user against computer or user against applications other human via the Internet; Java 1.2 required. applications [Freeware, GPL]
  • MindRaider - A Semantic Web outliner/cognition organizer/mind mapper and RDF browser/editor. [Open source, GPL]
  • ThinkFree Office - Java-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package that offers applications Microsoft Office compatibility.
  • NumericalChameleon - Java 2 Application for converting numbers (radixes, phys. applications units, Roman languages numbers, spoken numbers, exchange rates). [Open applications Source, GPL]
  • BigAl - Java application for calculating really BIG numbers. [Open languages Source, GPL]
  • Jeppers - A full featured web-based spreadsheet editor written in Java. It also provides a grid component that can be used in Swing applications. [Open source, GPL]
  • Sharp Tools Software's Spreadsheet - 100% Java and Excel compatible.
  • JabaDex - Cross-platform Personal Information Manager. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • JCye - Cye robot controller software. [Freeware]
  • Linux-Kontor - Free business management software. Despite the name, this is written languages in Java and will run on any Java virtual machine. languages [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Elixir Report - A reporting tool supporting data sources including Java/EJB, languages XML, JDBC, languages LDAP, and text, with multi-locale internationalization, languages scripting, and J2EE integration. languages [Commercial]
  • AntiChess - An anti chess game written in Java. It languages supports 2 java player and 4 player games on languages the same board. [MIT java License]
  • Java Archives - Free Java applications, applets, and beans archive.
  • m-e-c eagle - JAVA XML B2B integration software. Features a Swing-based java GUI, converters applications for EDI to XML, XML to java XML and XML to applications EDI, client-server architecture. All java EDI standards are supported: EDIFACT, ANSI applications X.12, SAP java IDOC, XCBL, RosettaNet, Biztalk. Supported protocols:
  • - A resource for Java technology consumers, with a applications focus on java Games.
  • Double Choco Latte - Project to create a solution for managing some applications IT departments including software development and call center applications activity. It has a web interface and will applications also have a stand-alone Java client. [Open Source, applications GPL]

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