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Peer-to-peer distributed file sharing system not unlike Gnutella. It is similar to Napster, but there is no central server. [Open Source]

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  • jFTP - A graphical network client and filemanager supporting local, network FTP, SFTP java and SMB (windows shares) connections. It network is multithreaded and support java auto-resuming, recursive up/download and network recognition of malformed pathnames.
  • FTP Client - Simple File Transfer Protocol Client that allows to upload and applications download files to web. [Freeware]
  • Extracta - Offers automated data retrievial from web to integrate into your java applications. [Commercial]
  • Ohioedge - An online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Online network sales generation and fulfillment J2EE components. Features network product and service descriptions with product documentation, employment network opportunities, and company background. [Open source, M
  • OpenNMS - Using Java, XML and XSL, a distributed network network and systems management platform allowing enterprise and element network management capabilities in an open source architecture. [Open network Source, GPL]
  • WeirdX - Pure Java X window system server. [Open Source, java GPL]
  • Secure Internet File Transfer (SIFT) - Enables data to be securely transferred via the applications internet with easily downloadable Java based browser application. applications [Commercial]
  • Freecast - A Java application which allows peer-to-peer audio and video streaming.
  • DAV Explorer - A WebDAV (Distributed Authoring Protocol) client application. [Open source, Apache-style java license]
  • Gnutmeg - Peer-to-peer distributed file sharing system not unlike Gnutella. applications It is similar to Napster, but there is applications no central server. [Open Source]
  • LimeWire - Gnutella client. [GPL]

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