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A peer-to-peer software daemon and API to develop, deploy, discover and use components or applications over http without regard to type of hardware, OS, or programming environment. [Open source]

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  • CognitiveWeb - A framework for building, deploying and managing well-described REST-ful Web class libraries services (XML+HTTP+Linking), including REST-ful Web Services realizations for RSS, XML class libraries Topic Maps, Structured Arguments, and Workflow.
  • RemoteTea ONC/RPC - Implementation of Sun\\'s ONC/RPC protocol, both for clients and servers, class libraries including jrpcgen tool. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • DAJ - A toolkit for the Simulation of Distributed Algorithms class libraries in java Java.
  • Apache SOAP - Implementation of the SOAP protocol - a lightweight networking and distributed class libraries computing protocol for exchanging information, based on XML. HTTP networking and class libraries distributed computing and SMTP (i.e. email) transmission are both supported. networking class libraries and distributed computing [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • 3SP: Terminal Components - A light Java implementation of a ANSI/VT terminal with both java Swing and AWT.
  • CVS Package - - Library to connect to a CVS server. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Clipstream - Provides audio and video streaming support for applets class libraries and networking and distributed computing applications. [Commercial]
  • iNet Factory - Offers components for frequently used Internet protocols: FTP, class libraries HTTP, MIME, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, and telnet. [Commercial]
  • Galaxy Communicator - Architecture for constructing dialogue systems. Its plug-and-play approach networking and distributed networking and distributed computing computing enables developers to combine architecture-compliant commercial software and networking and networking and distributed computing distributed computing cutting edge research components. [Open source]
  • xobjex - A peer-to-peer software daemon and API to develop, class libraries deploy, discover and use components or applications over class libraries http without regard to type of hardware, OS, class libraries or programming environment. [Open source]
  • Distinct ONC RPC / XDR for Java - A 100% pure Java toolkit enables to write java distributed applications that can interact with existing RPC java application written in C. Supports Secure RPC by java implementing DES authentication and XML RPC extensions to java turn an ONC RPC server into a web java service. [S
  • Claymore PureTLS - Free implementation of the SSL v3 and TLSv1 java (RFC2246) protocols. Now freely downloadable due to a java change in US export rules. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • The cajo project - A small, simple, powerful framework; to dynamically link java Virtual Machines into a seamless continuum. It is java a \\'drop-in\\' architecture, requiring no application redesign to java use it. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Projects:JXTA Book - Includes early draft of JXTA text written by Brendon Wilson.
  • JACOMMA (Java Communicating Agents) - an agent development platform/framework for developing distributed, mobile, class libraries and class libraries reactive information agents with heterogeneous communication capabilities, class libraries in Java class libraries and JPython. [Open source, LGPL]
  • SSH Factory - Java components for SSH and telnet protocols.
  • jSDP - A Java implementation of SDP protocol that provides java a standard representation for information that describe multi-media java sessions. This information are included within other protocol java messages as payload. jSDP is a Java library java that enable users to manipula
  • XINS - An open-source web services framework. Main goals are class libraries high networking and distributed computing productivity and separation of concerns.
  • AltRMI - An alternative to RMI which does not require the use class libraries of java.rmi.Remote and uses an unchecked substitute for RemoteException, so class libraries that "throws RemoteException" is no longer needed. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • JBot - A Java library which will allow your applications to make IRC communications. [Open source, BSD License]
  • JLDAP (Java LDAP) - A class libraries for Java enable you to write applications to access, manage, update, and search for information stored in directories accessible using LDAPv3. Contributed by Novell. [Open source]
  • Atomikos - Offers distributed nested transaction products using JTA, JTS, class libraries and class libraries SOAP. [Commercial]
  • Java Remote Method Invocation Language - A Java object (de)serialization and messaging library which class libraries uses networking and distributed computing a more compact format than XML-RPC.
  • ELib - Provides for inter-process capability-secure distributed programming. Its cryptographic capability protocol class libraries enables mutually suspicious Java processes to cooperate safely, and its class libraries event-loop concurrency and promise pipelining enable high performance deadl
  • Dwarf Server Framework - A framework for developing multithreaded server applications based on the networking and distributed computing Internet standards. [Shareware]
  • Funambol - A Java class library that implements the SyncML class libraries data synchronization protocol. Also a standalone SyncML server class libraries and client.
  • The Community OpenORB Project - A library providing CORBA services. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • Sun WebNFS - Provides a 100% Pure Java client API to networking and distributed java computing access NFS servers, similar to the API.
  • Jada - A package for Java that allows distributed Java java applications (or class libraries even applets) to access a shared java object space for coordination class libraries and data sharing purposes. java [Freeware]
  • QuickServer - A library/framework for quick creation of robust and networking and distributed computing multi-threaded, multi-client TCP server applications. [Open source, LGPL]
  • jPOS - Implementation of the ISO-8583 protocol - acts as networking and distributed computing a framework for financial exchange/payment. It can be networking and distributed computing used to implement EFT interchanges, switches, payment gateways, networking and distributed computing POS software and e-commerce sites. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Bare Bones Browser Launch for Java - Source code for class to launch the user\\'s default web browser from a Swing application [Public Domain Software]
  • JXTA - Language- and platform-independent protocol for peer-to-peer networking, developed class libraries by Sun. Initial implementation in Java. [Open Source, class libraries BSD-like]

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