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See Also:
  • Java Outlook Connector - Offers library to access Microsoft Outlook application and associated data. [Commercial]
  • Fundamentals of the JavaMail API - John Zukowski's tutorial at the Java Developer Connection.
  • EyeBrowse - Servlet-based, mailing list archive browser, reading standard UNIX e-mail mbox format languages archives and generating HTML dynamically. [Open e-mail Source, Apache]
  • OVP: A Simple SMTP Framework for Java - Examination of the implementation of a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) client-side framework that can be used in Java applications and applets. Published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.
  • JavaMail API - A package integrated with the Java EE platform offering access to mail services. Documentation, tutorials, community services and examples are provided for the package which may also be used as an add-on to the Java Standard Edition.

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