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An applet that allows you to add speech synthesis to your website (not streaming audio). Utilizes concatentation method, formant synthesis being developed.

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  • Anagram Generator - Java applet which will anagram user-entered phrases.
  • Sun Microsystems - Java Applet Security - Article on commonly asked questions regarding Java Applet applets Security.
  • Java Financial Calculators - Financial Calculators you can put on your website. Colorful, interactive, graphing financial calculators.
  • Analyze - Text analyzer - A specialized tool for examining one or more java texts. Texts are sequences of elements, such as java bytes, characters or words.
  • RealObjects Edit-on Pro - A WYSIWYG editor applet. Provides word processor-like features, like a applets spelling checker, for XHTML markup creation.
  • Anything 3D Imaging Solutions - Anything3D Glide Menu (java applet can provide any languages website with applets a professional looking navigation system, create languages a text-only menu, or applets combine both text and languages images together), Anything3D Presentation Applet (new applets interactive tour languages for image which allows to vi
  • JUpload - An applet for uploading multiple files to the java webserver at languages once using the post method. Online java Demo. [Commercial]
  • Color and Font Chooser for Java and HTML - Lets programmers choose and try out different combinations of foreground languages and background colors. RGB to hex and vice versa conversion languages can also be done. One can also try out different languages fonts. By Ashok Kumar Gupta.
  • Aniyog - Applet Gallery - Two applets: One is for kids which makes java learning alphabets languages and numbers easier and other is java for Choosing colors for languages Java GUIs and web java pages.
  • Java Multiple File Upload Applet (JUpload) - Takes care of the limitation posed by traditional java HTML upload applets forms by allowing upload a whole java directory and the files applets within it with a java single click. [Open source, GPL]
  • Reystar Coolbanner - Takes any number of banners (468x60) and rotates applets them in order using different cool transitional effects applets to hide one and display the next. Highly applets configurable.
  • Akmin Editlet - Applet based online HTML rich text editor. [Commercial]
  • Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet Edition - A visual HTML Editor Java applet. [Commercial]
  • Synth - A Java program that can be used to generate sounds. java You design the sound by putting together basic building blocks java (generators): oscillators, envelopes, adders. Once the design is done, you java instruct the program to generate the sound (which can take java some t
  • Java Filter - An utility that lets users take control over java which applets languages they want on their system. By java SIP, Princeton.
  • Stock Market Java Applets - Stock market quotes and tickers Java applets. [Commercial]
  • EditLive! - Browser-based HTML editor applet for WYSIWYG content authoring. languages [Commercial, online demo after registration]
  • Yodel - Java Demos - Swedish demo group.
  • Java Simple Regular Expresions - Applets reads simple regular expressions and builds a languages state machine that recognizes regular expression. Provided source languages code is appropriate for educational purposes.
  • Wibbleware - Menu and banner applets. [Commercial]
  • Java Upload Applet - HTTP and FTP upload applets for uploading multiple applets files to a web or FTP server. [Shareware]
  • Java Calculator by Entity - A page for my java calculator applet.
  • Polynomial regression analysis applet - It calculate a calibration for a MALDI TOF java (and possibly applets other) mass spectrometers using any kind java of (semi-)repetitive peptide as applets the calibrant.
  • - Provides instant messenger services for websites. No software applets installation necessary.
  • Wyka-Warzecha Say-It-Now - An applet that allows you to add speech synthesis to your website (not streaming audio). Utilizes concatentation method, formant synthesis being developed.
  • Thompson, Nathanael - Mandelbrot viewer and chemical engineering Java applets (with languages source), a forum and chatroom, resume.
  • Teutoburgo - JaVi (Java Vigenere) Applet - Contains an open source Java Applet called JaVi applets (Java Vigenere, applets Vigenere is an algorithm for cryptography). applets Includes manual (including UML applets diagrams and Javadoc documentation) applets and standalone version.

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