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A wide collection of online Java games. Play the games or order your own game to attract more visitors to your site. Registration required.

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  • - Contains an original snake-like game.
  • Majinwar: Online Fighting Adventure - An epic fighting adventure like Final Fight and browser based Streets browser based of Rage. Choose from two characters browser based and fight browser based your way thru to the big browser based boss.
  • SlimeAthlete Java Games - A collection of simple games such as Slime Volleyball, Slime browser based Soccer, and Slime Basketball.
  • - A variety of Java games and puzzles available to play browser based free.
  • - Site providing several browser-based Java games for free.
  • Scorched Earth 2000 - Java version of classic game. Up browser based to browser based 8 players in multiplayer mode, single player browser based mode with browser based AI opponents. Requires Java 1.1 browser based or higher.
  • Reystar Free Online Games & Stuff - Offers a collection of java games (mostly rehashes of old games)
  • - A collection of over 40 free games including collections multiplayer and collections community games.
  • - Free online board and card games in Java.
  • Karsten's Java Games - Original java games including Rush Hour, Nibbly and java Ping Pong. Updated regularly.
  • Lunch Break Games - Collection of browser based games for play during that five collections minute break. Features level editors, highscore lists and homepages for collections registered users.
  • SparkyLand - Features a selection of Java games. Includes Hang Monkey, the java war game Wicked Battle, and the memory card game Remembery.
  • AppletOnline - Collection of Java game applets.
  • Playray - Both multiplayer and single player games such as minigolf, pool, cannons, chess and many classical games. All games have player rankings or top lists.
  • EyeOne - Java based games including Void, Blocks, Abselute Zero, browser based Tix, collections Castrol Racing, Overflow. Registration required.
  • Gamegate - Features single and multiplayer Java games including puzzle, cards, action, java board, casino, and kids games.
  • - Collection of original Java board and puzzle games including Chapay, browser based Teker, Fifteen, and Lines. Includes Hall of Fame.
  • Smilie Games - Selection of original Java games including arcade, sports, and puzzles. Includes high score lists.
  • Zeeks Games - Contains many original java games geared towards the java younger crowd.
  • Web Sailor Productions - An assortment of Java games including Tetris, Othello, and Mah java Jongg.
  • Play-Free-Games - Offers game with a sporting theme.
  • Planet Spogg - Multiplayer online games, chat and community.
  • Beat The Game - Offers Space Invaders, Defender, and Scrabble.
  • Pimpernel Online Games - A wide collection of online Java games. Play browser based the browser based games or order your own game to browser based attract more browser based visitors to your site. Registration required.
  • Christian's Java Applet Games - A collection of 10 original Java applet games browser based by browser based Christian Hvid. Multiplayer chess, new versions of browser based Bomberman, Pac browser based Man and Mario brothers.
  • Fun Spot - A collection of three java games: Blast \\'Em, Cherry Picker, browser based and Fireman Fireman.
  • PacDasher - Pac-Man clone. Includes original mazes and lets create collections custom mazes java with XML. Requires Java 1.4.

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