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Free Hot Blocks and MetaSpider java script games that can be installed and played on any web page in less than 2 minutes. The applets are a single cut and paste line.

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Def-Logic Videogames* - Collection of free JavaScript videogames.

  • - Collection of JavaScript word games.
  • JavaScript Minesweeper Game - JavaScript clone that looks like the Windows Minesweeper implementation. Includes javascript high scores and a few useful options.
  • Alienballs - Slightly addictive game, nice interface and world-wide high javascript scoring.
  • Big Brother Game - Plus free big brother eviction night tickets and javascript backstage passes to aftermath party.
  • K. Moriyama's JavaScript Games - A collection of games mainly coded for the games 4.x generation scripts of web browsers including Hard Block, games PacMan, and Tetris.
  • Jennifer Burke's MasterMind - Play a nice JavaScript implementation of the game games MasterMind.
  • Procrastinator's Games - Battleship, Blackjack, Pong, Tic Tac Toe and more 1 and javascript 2 player games to play in your browser.
  • Mr Mojo Risin - Fun JavaScript games to play, including Breakout, Minesweeper, scripts Tic Tac javascript Toe, Poker, Rock Paper Scissors, and scripts Snake.
  • Peter Box - Puzzle game derived from the Japanese puzzle game javascript "Sokoban". [Does scripts not work in Internet Explorer]
  • Hop Studios Games - Colorful Tic Tac Toe and Connect 4 in games JavaScript for games two players.
  • Tile Sliding JavaScript Game - Puzzle based on the classic 15 Slider game. scripts Varying difficulty javascript level.
  • Javascript Minesweeper - A Javascript version of the classic Windows game Minesweeper, with beginner, intermediate, expert and custom levels.
  • Remet Board Games - Javasript games based on classic board games, as javascript well as games some more unique puzzle games.
  • Arun's JS Games - Original games by Arun Narayanan. Puzzles, jigsaw, number guessing games, games and tic-tac-toe.
  • David August memory game - A matching JavaScript game.
  • - JavaScript implementations of games including Minesweeper, Mastermind, Memory, Tetris, Pacman, scripts Sokoban and Othello, with highscores and commented source code.
  • Cowthello - JavaScript version of the board game Othello using cows instead of counters with simple computer opponent.
  • Peeptin - A tiny (130 pixels wide) javascript game that games users can insert on their web page with games a simple cut-and-paste of the code provided. It games is a free clone of the classic "15" games puzzle, and works with all browsers.
  • Mazesmith - A maze generator written in JavaScript, and is able to scripts be printed or played through a web browser. The maze scripts is fully customizable with many options.
  • HotBlocks JavaScript Games - Free Hot Blocks and MetaSpider java script games scripts that can be installed and played on any scripts web page in less than 2 minutes. The scripts applets are a single cut and paste line.
  • Name that celebrity game - Javascript game where players are given a picture of a scripts celebrity and attempt to name him/her. High score is recorded scripts when the game ends.
  • The JavaScript Source - Play the classic games Battleship, Mastermind, Blackjack, Connect 4, Breakout, scripts Memory or Tic Tac Toe or any of the dozen scripts other games. Including each game's source code.
  • Explorer Solitaire - JavaScript Library for building Solitaire Games with many games demos like scripts Klondike, Free Cell, and Canfield. For games Internet Explorer only.
  • Colin Pear's Java Script Games - Number Guess and Hang Man games.
  • Free Online Javascript Arcade - Free javascript games online for fun entertainment.
  • Armin' Web Games - Play for free Battleship, Mahjong, Connect Four, Marble games Solitaire, puzzles.
  • 100 JavaScript Online Games - Offers 1-player and 2-player games from many genres: games puzzles, word games, board games and card games.
  • Last Defence - JavaScript shoot-'em-up using DHTML.

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