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Applet that allows the viewing of color or black and white TIFF documents through the Internet. [Commercial, with demo version]

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See Also:
  • Spirograph - Choose colors and shapes to create spirograph artwork.
  • ViewTIFF - Applet that allows the viewing of color or graphics and animation java black and white TIFF documents through the Internet. graphics and animation java [Commercial, with demo version]
  • MJS - Mandrixx Java Slideshow - A parametrable java slideshow applet, working in the middle of graphics and animation a web page, pop-up window or fullscreen and display images graphics and animation of any size to fit any area. [Shareware]
  • 3Quarks - Colorful applets with source code and a description of the applets applet parameters. The applets are written in Java 1.0 and applets thus available problem-free on all Java enabled browsers.
  • The Kackie's Applet Site - A friendly family site with lots of pictures with Java java applet animated affects and poetry, subjects include Holidays, Nature, Patriotic java and Knights and ladies.
  • Dynamic Graph Utility - Add dynamic graphs to your site. [Freeware]
  • AlexWarp - A Java applet, including source code, that lets you warp applets Bill Gates\' face (or, indeed, anyone else's).
  • FLI/FLC-player - Inline FLI/FLC-player in Java. [Open source, GPL]
  • MPEG-1 Player (no audio) - Inline MPEG-1 player in Java (with MPEG layer java I decoder). [Open source, GPL]
  • - Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits. java [Freeware]
  • Dragonlady Applets - Using applets to enhance images. Applets include lake, applets ripple, deform, java huerot, snow, pool, doodle.
  • Interactive Color Wheel - Java applet which allows viewing of the relationships between saturation, applets intenstity, hue, and luma. [Source code available]
  • Draw4free - Free, 2D+ vector drawing applet or application.
  • VectaSketch - A 2D graphics applet and control interpreted language. applets Using it graphics and animation easier than coding effects in Java.
  • Mugshot Maker - Online applet for creating mugshots.
  • Freedom VR - A simple Java applet that lets embed photographic applets VR in web pages without any plug-ins. It\\'s applets much like what Apple calls a Quicktime VR applets "Object Movie". [Open source, GPL]
  • Net Imaging - Allows to process a photo online: crop, resize, rotate, flip. The resulting image can be uploaded to the server in JPEG format. No plug-in is required. [Shareware]
  • Online Image editor - One may create or edit a picture directly graphics and animation at a Web page. A picture may be graphics and animation uploaded/downloaded to/from a server in PNG format. Installation graphics and animation assistance.[Commercial/Evaluation]
  • WStar - Lines and circles. [Shareware]
  • Kisekae World - Japanese animation. An integrated development system for creating graphics and animation and playing with KiSS paper dolls.
  • Java 3d juggling siteswap animator - Animates juggling tricks (so called siteswaps) with Java graphics and animation applets 3D graphics.
  • textscroller - Vertical text scroller (java applet).
  • Applets - Collection of 6 free visual effect applets. Flame, applets Imgshow, Sphere3D, Snowdrift, StarGaze, and StarZone.
  • Sierpinski's gasket pseudo-fractal applet - This applet draws a pseudo Sierpinski\\'s gasket fractal java using logical operators on binary numbers from 0-15.
  • Java apple by VAU - Includes 3D Structure Viewer, Chess, Wheel Of Fortune, Paint and graphics and animation Blur, Picture Blur, Zooming Banner applets.
  • Amazing Spiro - An applet for making spirograph-like drawings; supports java saving. Source java available on request.

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