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An integrated development environment for the creation and testing of applications that will be deployed on handsets and other small devices. [Commercial]

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See Also:
  • Antenna - Provides a set of Ant tasks suitable for developing MIDP micro edition Java applications.
  • mBooster - A suite of J2ME size and performance optimization tools designed for both MIDP and i-Appli development. [Shareware]
  • WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment - For creating advanced embedded solutions, by IBM.
  • Mobile Device Tools for J2ME Developers - A set of Java MIDlets that allow developers development tools to quickly learn the specifics of new devices. development tools [Open source, MIT License]
  • Sun Wireless Toolkit for CLDC - A toolbox for developing wireless applications including emulation micro edition environments, performance optimization and tuning features, documentation, and micro edition examples.
  • Javaground Xpress Suite - A suite of J2ME development and porting tools targeting J2ME, Brew, and other mobile platforms, mainly for mobile games. Company and career information may also be found.
  • SophiaCompress(Java) OASIS - Minimizes the size of an application in .jar micro edition format, development tools the execution module of J2ME applications, and micro edition makes another development tools .jar file that runs in virtually micro edition the same way development tools as the original file. [Commercial, micro edition trial version]
  • J2ME Polish - A suite of tools for creating "polished" J2ME applications. Each java tool meets a definite need of J2ME developers: Build-tools with java an integrated device-database, a powerful GUI, a localization framework, a java game-engine, a logging framework and a co
  • Nutiteq LLC - Offers a mobile mapping toolkit to create multi-device compatible mapping java applications. Supports and other map sources, GPS, KML data java sources, on-line and offline map content.
  • IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer - An integrated development environment for the creation and java testing of applications that will be deployed on java handsets and other small devices. [Commercial]

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