Java Development Kits Programming Palm OS

Space for extremely tiny commodities (such as smart cards, pagers, mobiles, palmtops, etc.) for SDKs, Platforms, Protocols and Add-On Tools for optimized Java Runtime Environment

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See Also:
  • Jump - Java User Module for PalmPilot - A Java IDE for the PalmPilot. Reads Java Class files, programming generates 68000 .asm files and creates .prc files using Pila programming (Darrin Massena's PalmPilot Assembler)
  • Waba - A simplified version of Java for the PalmPilot development kits and java Windows CE devices. The WabaVM and WabaSDK development kits are available java for free download. By Wabasoft.
  • Java Conduit Manager - Manages installations and de-installations of Java based conduits to the java Palm HotSync Manager.
  • JBed CLDC/MIDP for PalmOS - Esmertec\\'s optimized CLDC/MIDP JVM for PalmOS. 10 times faster than development kits the KVM from Sun.
  • SuperWaba - An open source Java VM for handheld development.
  • Ghost Machine - An implementation of Java for the PalmPilot. In order to java effectively run Java on this limited device, much of the java VM\'s activity is off-loaded to a server.

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