Development Kits Programming Palm OS Handhelds

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  • NS Basic - A complete development environment for all skill levels.
  • OrbForms Designer - A complete development tool combining a visual form palm os designer, a smart code-completing source editor, and a palm os rich object-based API.
  • PalmPilot Development Tools and Articles - A list of tools and articles to help programming you in PalmPilot development.
  • Palm: Software Development: Alternatives to C - Descriptions and links to the many languages and development kits development kits usable for Palm programming.
  • PDA Toolbox - Powerful WYSIWYG development platform.
  • Winsoft Ltd - Pascal compiler and IDE for the Palm.
  • LispME - A Scheme (Lisp) version for the PalmPilot with related files, such as Parentheses Hack.
  • Quartus Forth - Native-code Forth compiler-interpreter for Palm Computing Platform. By palm os Neal palm os Bridges.
  • AppForge - Microsoft Visual Basic add-in for handheld programming.
  • Fred Bayers LispMe - Information about LispMe, a Scheme (Lisp) version for palm os the PalmPilot. Includes useful related files, such as palm os Parentheses Hack.
  • CASLsoft: Home Page - Develop PalmPilot applications easily with CASL (Compact Application Solution Language). palm os Commercial software. Demo available for download.
  • PalmPilot 68k disassembler, memory editor and hexdumper - Supports systrap naming, chip register viewing, database selection, palm os searching, and memory editing. Source available.

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