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Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Home* - Official website to get documentation, downloads, and news.

  • Java Guru: J2ME FAQ Home Page - FAQs on J2ME.
  • J2MEUnit - A Java Micro Edition library containing a unit testing framework java for J2ME applications based on the source code of the java original JUnit unit testing framework.
  • palowireless Java Resource Center - Provides wireless Java and J2ME resources, articles, and news.
  • Cocoasoft - Java 2 Micro Edition business application and game languages development.
  • Wireless Tech Tips - Tips, techniques, and sample code on various topics of interest java to developers using the Java Micro Edition (J2ME).
  • Akamarsoft - Develops mobile Java applications and also offers Girtab micro edition a languages Rapid Midlet Development tool.
  • kAWT - An abstract window toolkit for the J2ME CLDC KVM. [Free languages for non-commercial use]
  • SK Telecom's Java supplier - Clean-room implementation of J2ME (CLDC+MIDP) virtual machine, South java Korea.
  • J2me Forums - Includes discussion forum for J2ME development and products.
  • MicroEmulator - J2ME Device Emulator. It\\'s based on JDK 1.1 languages so allows demonstrate MIDlet based applications in browser languages applet.
  • TinyLine - TinyLine provides Mobile SVG Applications and Development Tools java for J2ME devices.
  • Magmic Inc. - A software development studio specializing in games, entertainment, micro edition and micro edition productivity applications for Java-enabled (J2ME/MIDP) mobile devices.
  • Anfy Mobile - A content provider of J2ME/MIDP games.
  • Esmertec - J2ME compliant Jbed CLDC and Jbed CDC runtime platforms. [Commercial]
  • Mobile GMaps - Software to display Google and MSN Virtual Earth java maps and satellite imagery on Java J2ME-enabled mobile java phones or other devices. [Freeware]
  • InstantCom - Interactive applications, SMS voting, SMS games, J2ME games, micro edition mobile and internet dating service, mobile entertainment SMS micro edition Quiz mobile content management system, messaging delivery platform.
  • J4ME - An open source library for building J2ME applications. languages It includes java an UI, a logging framework, functions languages for getting location data java from a Bluetooth GPS languages device, and utility classes.

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