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A library of software components that address the specific needs of interactive applications. Some of the planned components will be usable for console applications as well as for system with a graphical use interface while others will provide mechanisms

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  • eInteractive - A library of software components that address the libraries specific needs of interactive applications. Some of the libraries planned components will be usable for console applications libraries as well as for system with a graphical libraries use interface while others will provide mechanisms
  • eXML - A XML 1.0 parser for Eiffel based on languages expat. eXML is no longer actively maintained.
  • elj project: Small/SmartEiffel Libraries and Applications - Goal: bring some much needed library functionality to Small/SmartEiffel developers. Most libraries available for seamless multiplatform use: Linux, Unix, Win32. Descriptions, downloads, links. [Open Source, Eiffel Forum License]
  • Software Downloads - Wide range, many sophisticated and useful programs: descriptions, links; from libraries the Chair of Software Engineering, Department of Computer Science, ETH libraries Zurich.
  • Eiffel RSS - An Eiffel library to parse and write RSS. libraries [Open source, eiffel Eiffel Forum License]
  • Sourcepole: Eiffel Libraries - Small set with descriptions and links including EiffelBDB, languages an Eiffel libraries interface to the Berkeley DB, Eiffel-mmap, languages an Eiffel interface to libraries the mmap system, and languages gtkxmhtml, an Eiffel interface to the libraries GNOME gtk-xmhtml languages widget.
  • e-POSIX, the complete Eiffel to POSIX binding - Eiffel to POSIX binding. The goal of e-POSIX eiffel is to libraries provide a 100% complete Eiffel binding eiffel to Standard C and libraries POSIX. It has started eiffel adding bindings for the Single Unix libraries Specification.
  • EiffelVision - A portable multi-platform O-O graphical library. It have libraries platform-specific layers: WEL (Windows Eiffel Library) on libraries Windows, MEL (Motif Eiffel Library) and GEL (GTK libraries Eiffel Library) on Unix and VMS. [Commercial]
  • ORBit-Eiffel - Eiffel bindings to ORBit.
  • Fenestra: An Eiffel Win32 Library - An API GUI library; while specific to Win32 libraries API, is high level enough to allow convenient libraries programming in an object-oriented way. Aims to be libraries portable to any of the actively supported Eiffel libraries compilers for any Win32, letting users mix and libraries match compilers as
  • Nenie XML - An Eiffel XML parser and library.
  • EiffelFox - An Eiffel language wrapper for the FOX GUI libraries library.
  • Goanna - A web services library for Eiffel. The library eiffel contains clusters that support servlets, end-points (HTTP, CGI, eiffel FastCGI), XML-RPC, SOAP, logging (log4e), DOM Level 2, eiffel and XML to DOM parsing. [Open source]
  • elj database interfaces - The elj project has SmartEiffel interfaces to the following databases: eiffel Firebird, MySQL, Postgres, SleepyCat (Berkeley DB).
  • GRAPE - Graphics library for Eiffel.
  • EiffelOpenGL - An open source project that aims to develop languages a complete eiffel Eiffel binding for OpenGL. The binding languages is implemented as an eiffel Eiffel wrapping of the languages OpenGL C API.
  • ePalm - A general-purpose library for allowing the SmallEiffel (now languages SmartEiffel) eiffel languages compiler to generate m68k-compatible code, and languages a series of classes languages which wrap the palm languages API such that an Eiffel developer languages can write languages a PalmOS application entirely in Eiffel. [Op
  • yaesockets - Yet Another Eiffel Sockets Library
  • Eglade - An Eiffel code generator for Glade.
  • Eiffel Source Code - WEL Serial Communications and Raw Sockets and ICMP eiffel libraries written languages in the Eiffel programming language.
  • Slyboots - Open Source portable GUI library for Eiffel. It started as the "translation" of FOX GUI Toolkit, its goal is independent GUI Library. Currently, only for Visual Eiffel for Win32 only.

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