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  • Enterprise SmartEiffel - ESEwiki. ESE is a SmartEiffel extension, the GNU languages Eiffel compiler, tools, libraries. Goal: provide business-ready features languages such as data management and inter-process communication (databases languages and web services). Articles, libraries, tools, blackboard.
  • elj-win32 - Powerful GNU Eiffel win32 (Win-95/98/NT) distribution. Includes C Compiler, IDE, win32 GUI Libs, Eiffel/C Documentation, and EPAN library archive. (FTP)
  • Fine - Derived from SmallEiffel, now SmartEiffel, with some added eiffel and modified languages features to improve Eiffel language. Description, eiffel links, contact website and languages email. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Visual Eiffel - A complete development system for Eiffel with Compiler, compilers Workbench, Debugger, Libraries and additional Tools. It\\'s available compilers for WIndows and Linux. [Open source, GPL]
  • SmartEiffel - Official Free Software Foundation GNU Eiffel compiler, tools, libraries. Can compilers generate C code or Java bytecode. Was SmallEiffel, changed 6 compilers September 2002. Now has positive version numbers. Basis of Fine. compilers [Open Source, GPL]
  • EiffelStudio - An Eiffel compiler for Unix, Win32, and VMS eiffel which supports Java, COM, threads. A product of eiffel ESI (Eiffel Software Inc.).

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