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This category holds websites related to the elastiC programming language, which is high-level, object-oriented, interpreted, with a C syntax, portable bytecode compiling, dynamic typing, automatic fast garbage collection, strongly influenced by C, Smalltalk, Scheme, and Python.

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See Also:
  • berliOS Developer: elastiC Language - Very High Level Language (VHLL), C syntax, dynamically programming typed, fast languages GC; supports functional programming, robust OO; programming easily extended, embedded; portable, languages small. Has project summary, programming admin list, forum, bug tracking, documents, languages mail list.
  • elastiC World - Portable, extensible, embeddable, high level, interpreted, object-oriented, C-like elastic syntax, fast GC, functional programming support, namespaces. Has elastic documentation, FAQ, code samples, downloads, license, bug tracking, elastic CVS. [Open Source]

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