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The official developers' mailing list for AtheOS is where most users of AtheOS discuss programming and news and post their questions concerning development.

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AtheOS* - Multiuser OS, in development for 4 years, object oriented multi-threaded GUI, 64-bit journaling file system, and Synchronous MultiProcessor (SMP) support. Open source, GPL.

  • Myelin: Notes on AtheOS - Has a few scripts and software ports that atheos work with operating systems AtheOS, and notes on inner workings atheos of AppServer and startup operating systems sequence, possibly of interest atheos to some developers.
  • AtheOS Wizard Kurt Skauen Tells All - Interview by many questioners, with many forum comments. object-oriented Slashdot.
  • The AtheOS Info Site - It lists various user and developer questions and answers about AtheOS in FAQ format. Specifically, it covers how to set a view to use a fixed font, how to compile the sources from scratch, and how to handle graphics. The AtheOS Info Site also discusses
  • Cosmoe Operating System - Windowing system for Linux based on AtheOS, ported by Bill Hayden. Uses AtheOS GUI system atop Linux kernel, but aims to become an independent OS, and to fully support BeOS API and have source compatibility with BeOS programs.
  • Ask AtheOS Creator Kurt Skauen about His Creature - Brief story, with many forum comments. Slashdot.
  • Interview with the AtheOS Creator, Kurt Skauen - Asks Skauen\\'s views on binary compatibility in future versions of operating systems AtheOS, multithreading, and the future of his OS in general. operating systems [OSNews]
  • Wikipedia: AtheOS - Encyclopedia article, with links to many topics.
  • SourceForge: AtheOS - The official developers\\' mailing list for AtheOS is operating systems where most users of AtheOS discuss programming and operating systems news and post their questions concerning development.

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