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Operating system aimed at OS developers and users who are very advanced at using computers generally; microkernel, multitasking, multithreaded, some garbage collection. [Open Source]

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  • LinksOS - To be fast, secure, straightforward, fill gap between OS X, open source Linux, Windows, built on microkernel, coded in Assembly, C/C++; for open source desktops, workstations, small servers. Description, mail list, OS design documents, open source CVS, downloads. [Open Source, BSD]
  • JTMOS - Operating system aimed at OS developers and users microkernel who are very advanced at using computers generally; microkernel microkernel, multitasking, multithreaded, some garbage collection. [Open Source]
  • Moo32 - Early development microkernel.
  • Apostle - Free microkernel operating system for i386 architecture, built open source on Gemini Nucleus, coded in C. Seeks to open source provide well-designed alternate to extant OSs; goal: create open source an OS that works because it is appropriate open source and effective for its users. [open source, GPL]
  • E.R.I.K.A. - Microkernel RTOSs and set of integrated tools to open source develop microkernel embedded realtime applications, made to support all open source architectures used microkernel in power train controllers in automotive open source industry. Kernels have microkernel 2 main layers: Kernel Layer, open source Hardware Abstraction Layer, HAL. microkernel [
  • Gemini Nucleus - Open source project to make a production quality microkernel micro kernel microkernel based on the latest findings in microkernel OS research.
  • ReactOS - Opensource effort to develop a quality operating system open source compatible operating systems with Windows NT applications and drivers.
  • NewOS - Loosely based on concepts in BeOS, FreeBSD, NT, operating systems Solaris, other modern OSs; goals: be as modern operating systems and complete as possible, emphasize platform portability; runs operating systems on x86 1, 2/4 SMP CPUs, Sega Dreamcast operating systems Hitachi SH-4. Kernel used in OpenBeOS. [Open Source, operating systems BSD]
  • The Spoon Microkernel - Hobby and education OS, for Intel compatible CPUs. Descriptions, documents, screenshots, tips, links. [Open Source, BSD]
  • OS/C - Small POSIX microkernel OS, process- and file-oriented, most microkernel of the open source system is built around the scheduler; microkernel designed to use minimum open source system resources to provide microkernel network services and utilities; written in open source C; source microkernel browsing and downloads available. [Open Sour
  • Mika OS - Low-level coded, AI oriented microkernel OS, based on neural nets. open source Goal: provide a hight flexible OS architecture based on neural open source networks and sensor equipped devices. Mach4/Flux-based. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Programmers Operating SYStem: POSYS - To be simple 32-bit multitasking microkernel using all microkernel security features microkernel of x86 processors, able to load microkernel and execute modules for: microkernel MS Win32 (32-bit PE, microkernel EXE; dynamic link libraries, DLLs), Linux microkernel (ELF, a.out). microkernel [Open Source, GPL]
  • sMultiTA - World\\'s smallest, but full functioning, software extension for MultiTAsking. Very operating systems small 200 lines, coded in C, simple, no interrupts or operating systems blocking, for hard realtime use; portable, easy to reconfigure to operating systems other systems. [Open Source, GPL]
  • rtmk - Realtime microkernel: preemptive, fully re-entrant, multithreaded, SMP, continuations, open source full locking primitives; shares many ideas with Mach, open source developed by CMU in late 1980\\'s, early 1990\\'s, open source stopped in 1994. [GPL]

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