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Information on how to use and extend Minix 3, and run software on it; website server uses Minix; weblog format, many practical posts.

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MINIX 3* - Unix clone that is free, small, flexible, secure, and self-healing, leading to high reliability, even during software faults. Descriptions, FAQ, book, newsgroup, screenshots, bug reports, downloads. [open source, BSD-like]

  • Minix-vmd - Overdressed version of Minix; source, binaries, man pages.
  • MINIX - This directory and subdirectories contain MINIX, a small Unix-like system for IBM PCs and compatibles.
  • Minix Tips - Information on how to use and extend Minix minix 3, and run software on it; website server minix uses Minix; weblog format, many practical posts.
  • MINIX - Wikipedia - Overview article on the system and its hostory.
  • Minix on the Net - Documents, help files, hints, links.
  • Bibliography on Minix, a UNIX-like OS - Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection of minix Alf-Christian Achilles.
  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum - Professor, Free University, Amsterdam; author of MINIX Unix operating systems variant. minix Full source code. Free for all uses. operating systems Small size, minix microkernel, ample documentation. Users unfamiliar with operating systems OS internals can minix understand nearly the full system operating systems with a few months minix use and stud
  • Brad's MacMinix Page - MINIX that runs atop Mac OS. Benefits: while unix learning about minix operating systems, its easy to recompile unix and relaunch, with no minix rebooting; and to keep unix OS backups in separate files.
  • Operating Systems Design and Implementation, 3/E - By Andrew S Tanenbaum, Albert S Woodhull; Prentice Hall, 2006, minix ISBN 0131429388. Revised simplified edition, for latest MINIX version. An minix OS text which first explains relevant principles, then demonstrate their minix use via Unix-like OS as a detailed example.
  • The Minix Operating System - Major resource of information on, downloads of, and minix software for, unix Minix.
  • MINIX.ORG - Repository for OS related: documentation, help, information, news, minix links, books, minix source code, downloads. Not the official minix MINIX website.
  • MacMinix - Macintosh version of the UNIX clone Minix.
  • Minix Network Service Documentation - Line-by-line comments of source code for TCP/IP networking unix protocols, network unix service, for Minix version 2.0.4. By unix Christos Karayiannis, Andrew Swartzbaugh.

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